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It is often the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And this Arachnophobia Prosthetic is truly one of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance. Arachnophobia is the irrational fear of spiders, although, given the look of this fake wound, the fear is not quite so irrational once the injury is applied. A large black spider has embedded itself into the tissue of its victim, leaving a large area of blood and gore exposed, no doubt to take advantage of a free and lasting meal. This prosthetic is made from high-quality latex and can be applied to the face and skin to create a realistic and gruesome injury. It has also been hand-painted to ensure the utmost detail possible on the wounds appearance. Application instructions are provided on prosthetics packaging. Not only is the Arachnophobia Prosthetic sure to give more than a few onlookers a shudder, but it might just be enough to put an actual fear of spiders into even the bravest of souls.

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Key Features:

  • Hand Painted for Impressive Detail
  • A Great Addition to a Variety of Costumes
  • Can be Applied Directly to the Skin
  • A Gruesome and Gory Injury for Any Costume
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Zombie Events, and other Themed Gatherings


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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