Antiqued Silver Oak Leaf Bracelet


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Bright color and natural beauty are two qualities that this attractive accessory can offer. With its stylish design, this Antiqued Silver Oak Leaf Bracelet is an all-natural accessory that merges nature with fashion in a very appealing way. This lovely bracelet features a trio of elegant little oak leaf charms, all strung one after the other to create a chain that you can easily display on your wrist. The oak leaf charms are crafted entirely in fine pewter metal, and are finished in one of two colors. Two of the leaves are coated with an antique silver finish that still has a polished yet dark gleam, while the middle leaf features a much brighter and more vivid traditional polished silver finish. The ends of the three-leaf chain are attached to black cotton cords, which feature closures on the ends for easy and convenient wearing. Impressive detail and eye-catching colors make this Antiqued Silver Oak Leaf Bracelet an appealing little accessory to wear, one that others will no doubt admire whenever they see it. ,/p>

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Quality Pewter Metal
  • Finished with a Two-Toned Antique Silver Coating
  • Decorated with a Trio of Elegant Little Oak Leaf Charms
  • Worn With Black Cord and Fasteners
  • Great as Personal Accents or as a Gift Idea


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