Antiqued Brass Jailers Keys


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A good set of keys can have so many uses, not to mention serve to unlock a bunch of new doors, both metaphorically and literally! These Antiqued Brass Jailor Keys accurately recreate five traditional medieval keys that are perfect for a number of uses. Each ring comes complete with a series of five antiqued medieval keys that feature traditional round heads and distinctively shaped bits. Combine this with each of the keys varying sizes and this set winds up with five wholly unique keys. Each key is crafted from solid brass and features an antiqued finish that really gives the set of keys a stunningly realistic look. The keys are all affixed to a brass ring, which makes carrying them and keeping the keys all together easy and convenient. The keys vary in length, ranging from the shortest key which measures 2.5 inches long to the longest key which measures 6.5 inches long. These Antiqued Brass Jailers Keys make for a great belt accessory to carry around if you plan on making yourself into a dungeon master of any sort, as well as a novel and fun decoration to have hanging around your home as a touch of intriguing decoration.

Key Features:

  • A Series of Authentic Looking Medieval Keys
  • Comes as a Ring Holding Five Keys
  • Keys are Crafted from Solid Brass
  • Features an Attractive Antiqued Finish
  • A Great Costume Piece or Display Item


  • Key Length varies from 2.5 Inches to 6.5 Inches


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