Antiqued 7th Cavalry Bugle


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Instruments have long been used to signal soldiers on the field of battle, and the US Army is no different. This Antiqued 7th Cavalry Bugle is modeled after typical army bugles and pays homage to the 7th cavalry, who have long fought for our interests. This impressive bugle matches the shape and form of the typical horn that would have been played to sound marches, charges, and retreats when soldiers were in formation, and is modeled after the very same bugles that were likely used during the Battle of the Little Bighorn. This bugle is crafted entirely from metal and is a working replica, which means that it can be used to create notes and tunes if the user has some skill with a horn. It has a striking antique finish that really enhances its appearance as a historical replica, as well as a decorative cavalry emblem that is emblazoned on the tip of the bugle, featuring two crossed cavalry sabers with the number 7 above the sabers and the letter A below the sabers. This bugle measures approximately 12 inches long. This Antiqued 7th Cavalry Bugle is a great collectible, especially for those who are very interested in either military history or the American Indian Wars, and for those with a mind for reenactment, this horn is a novel little accessory to have, especially when you consider that it can played with a bit of practice.

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Key Features:

  • Features a Rich, Antiqued Look and Feel
  • An Actual Functioning Replica Bugle
  • Decorated with a 7th Cavalry Insignia
  • A Perfect Reenactors Accessory or Military Collectible


  • Made from Brass


  • Length: 12 Inches
  • Weight: 1 lb.


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