Aged Antique Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet

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Worn and weathered, this Aged Antique Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet looks like it has seen many a bygone era. This unique and old look gives this bracelet its own unique sort of charm that allows it to fit right in with a wide variety of different styles. In many ways, the worn and weathered look makes this bracelet look less intentionally antiqued and more like an actual antique itself, one that has been carefully removed from its resting place, and now given a second chance to shine. It is crafted from the finest metals and materials, and has been artificially treated to give it an aged look. Adorning the bracelet is a series of scrollwork lines, creating an elegant series of little swirls that really enhance the cuffs overall look. This bracelet is a cuff style accessory, similar to bangle, and as such, is offered in only one size, although the bracelet can be gently bent to make small adjustments to its sizing for a more comfortable and appropriate fit. Do not let the aged look fool you into placing this in a display case, though, because the Aged Antique Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet is tough enough for you to wear every day, if you want, allowing you to show off its beautiful and antique look with any ensemble that you might wear.

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Quality Metals and Materials
  • Features an Aged and Weathered Metal Finish
  • Decorated with a Series of Elegant Scrollwork Lines
  • An Adjustable Cuff Style Bracelet
  • A Stunning Little Personal Accent or a Great Gift Idea


  • Can be gently bent, allowing the bracelet to be adjusted to fit many different sizes.


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