72 Inch Felt Bowsock



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Especially when in transit, wooden bows can easily accumulate various dings and scratches that mar their appearance. The 72 Inch Felt Bowsock offers a great solution for protecting your bow when heading out to shoot. A simple felt bowsock fulfills the need for a utilitarian bow case to cover your medieval bow when you are loading and unloading at the range or out in the woods. The bowsock fastens at one end with a simple drawstring, and it comes in black, gray, brown, or green color options. Traditional archery enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the usefulness of this protective bow cover. Especially when you take the time to craft your own traditional bow, you will want to take the extra precaution of keeping it in this 72 Inch Felt Bowsock!

Key Features:

  • Made from felt
  • Ideal for protecting bows from scratches
  • Comes in various color options
  • Ties with a drawstring
  • A fantastic archery accessory


  • Length: 72 Inches


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