3D Labrys Pendant

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Considered to be one of the oldest symbols of Greece, the 3D Labrys Pendant maintains the traditional double headed axe form. Carrying a diverse and rich history this pendant can be a wonderful compliment to any style. Carefully constructed from quality Sterling silver, this item is inspired by the ancient double sided axes known as a labrys. This pendant features a stunning level of detail that captures every nuance of this Grecian axe. The handle is sectioned into halves, one half is textured then meets the dividing ring, while the second half is a polished rod. The double sided axe has smooth blades that are connected to the handle and feature a center accent. The pommel of this axe is connected to the bail, making this a versatile charm or pendant. The stylish 3D Labrys Pendant is ideal for any who love Greek history, so grab one while you can.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality Sterling silver
  • Designed to be a double sided axe
  • Features engraved details
  • Great for gifting and casual wear
  • Does not include a chain


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