300 Rise of an Empire Persian Immortals Costume Sword

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A deadly warrior deserves a deadly sword, and no warrior was said to be more lethal than the Persian Immortals. They were fearsome fighters, each one armed with a blade similar to this 300 Rise of an Empire Immortals Costume Sword. This weapon is made entirely from molded plastic, featuring a curved design similar to a Japanese wakizashi, accented with a heavily adorned hilt. It is light, easy to carry, and completely safe, making it perfect for casual costuming.

Key Features:

  • A licensed costume accessory from the 300 Rise of an Empire film
  • Based on the sword carried by the Persian Immortals
  • Similar to a wakizashi with an ornate hilt
  • A great costume weapon for adults and children


  • Made from molded plastic


  • Length: 30.375 Inches


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