.22 Caliber / 6mm Blank Ammunition Pack


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This .22 Caliber and 6mm Blank Ammunition Pack is designed to be used with any of our blank firing replica pistols. Blank cartridges, like these, are designed to recreate the flash and sound of a fired gun, without including a dangerous projectile. Blanks, and consequently, blank firing pistols and rifles, are perfect for situations when a realistic looking firearm is desired for effect, yet the dangerous potential of a live firearm would be inappropriate. Blanks may be used for amusement when firing your blank-firing firearm, for training exercises, or film or stage purposes. Please note that even when a blank-firing pistol or firearm is loaded with blanks, it should still be treated like a fully-loaded firearm, and all due caution should be exercised. These blanks are designed to be loaded into any of our 6mm blank firing firearms, as well as any other blank firing firearms you may own that fit a 6mm blank round). These blanks come in a pack of 100 rounds. Please note that they will only ship ground or standard and cannot be shipped express.

Blank ammunition is not eligible for a return or exchange.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Use with Blank Firing Pistols and Firearms
  • Creates a Flash and Report Similar to a Live Firearm
  • Pack Includes 100 Rounds
  • Fits 6mm Blank Firing Pistols and Firearms
  • Blanks Should Be Treated as Live Ammo for Purposes of Safety


  • Diameter: 0.25 Inch


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