1520 Century Tournament Knight Figurine


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The joust is perhaps one of the best known events in a medieval tourney. This 1520 Tournament Knight Figurine depicts one such warrior who is armed and ready for just such an event, as he sits on his horse, awaiting the next charge down the list. This little statuary depicts the knight in his classic attire – that of full plate armor, prepared for battle. Only this knight is not battling, but rather, participating in a tourney, and in this instance, in the famous joust. An ornate crest adorns the knights head, while it holds in one hand a classic jousting lance. The figurine is made entirely from fine polished pewter, and it comes complete with an informational card, which depicts the tourney scene. For the knight, there was no finer event to win than the joust, which offered fame and prestige aplenty. And this little 1520 Century Tournament Knight Figurine embodies the knight and their jousts, making it a fine little personal accent, as well as a great gift to give to fellow knights, as well.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from Fine, Polished Pewter
  • Depicts a Fully Armored Knight, Armed with a Lance, on Horseback
  • Possesses a Small Size, with an Immense Amount of Fine Detail
  • Also Features a Card Backing, with Historic Information
  • A Great Collectible, Gift Idea, or Personal Figurine


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