1500 Century Tournament Knight Figurine


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The medieval tourney was not always about jousting. Often, it was a series of events, many combative, which pitted one knight against the others. This 1500 Century Tournament Knight Figurine depicts one warrior as he rides in one of the events. This knight, though, is certainly not participating in the joust – at least, not at this moment. This little figurine depicts a knight in full plate armor, mounted atop his noble steed, as he rides into an event, with an axe braced on his shoulder. Given the choice of weapon, the knight is likely participating in the melee, which is more about horse and hand-to-hand combat, rather than the single strikes of a lance. The figurine is made entirely from fine polished pewter, and it comes complete with an informational card, which depicts the tourney scene. Small in size, this 1500 Century Tournament Knight Figurine makes for a great collectible that can and will go absolutely anywhere, as well as a fine little shelf sitter or gift idea to give to a fellow knight and medieval enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from Fine, Polished Pewter
  • Depicts a Fully Armored Knight, Armed with an Axe, on Horseback
  • Possesses a Small Size, with an Immense Amount of Fine Detail
  • Also Features a Card Backing, with Historic Information
  • A Great Collectible, Gift Idea, or Personal Figurine


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