14-Inch Drakkar Viking Longship Model



Share the courageous spirit of adventure that made the Vikings the greatest explorers, traders, and feared raiders of their age with your friends and family with this replica Drakkar Viking longship model. Modeled after The Viking, which is, in turn, modeled after the Goktstad ship, an actual Viking ship uncovered in Norway, this model is made in the fashion of a typical Viking ship. It features a shallow hull, which enables rapid movement and navigation within narrow and shallow bodies of water. It was this ship for which the Vikings became feared, since they could strike at locations typically off-limits to a sea-bound raider. Superb in design and modeled after a full-sized replica of a working Viking longship, the Drakkar Viking Longship model is a fine acquisition for anyone who enjoys boats, sailing, or Vikings. This ship comes with a red and white striped sail with an embroidered raven design or with a white sail with an embroidered serpent design.

Key Features

  • Handcrafted by Master Artisans
  • Colorful Shields Line Sides of Boat
  • Lightly Starched Sails do not Sag or Wrinkle
  • Sturdy Wood Base Attached to Model
  • Made from High Quality Woods


  • Overall Length: 14 Inches
  • Overall Width: 6 Inches
  • Overall Height: 10 Inches


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