13th Century Axe


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A superb representation of medieval period weaponry, the 13th Century Axe emulates a styling that was used for two centuries. It is a spectacular piece of home decor that is perfect for displaying your interest in history. The head of this axe is eye-catching in its design with a long blade that extends far past the end of the shaft and steeply slopes downward on its back to create a spiked tip. Along the bottom of the head, where it connects to the shaft, a finger shaped groove is carved out to allow its wielder to comfortably choke up on the grip for more effective use in close range situations. To maintain the authenticity of this design, the head is hand forged from iron, and the shaft is handcrafted from wood. Accent your decor with the exquisite appeal of the 13th Century Axe.

Key Features:

  • Decorative Middle Ages war axe
  • Handle is handcrafted from wood
  • Head is hand forged from iron
  • Made in Italy
  • Extraordinary piece of medieval decor
  • Wood grain may vary from model to model


  • Height: 47.25 Inches


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