12th Century Voulge


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Exquisitely designed in the fashion of 12th century polearms, the 12th Century Voulge is a spectacular home decoration that is sure to express your passion for history and allow viewers to experience a taste of medieval era style. As is typical of a voulge, this replica features a large rectangular shaped axe head. A spear-like spike is formed at the top of this head making this design exceptionally useful for thrusting to match its slicing capabilities. The head is crafted in a single piece from hand forged iron and is attached to a long wooden staff, which is also hand crafted. Both the iron and wood are treated to provide a vintage, antique appearance. Enhance your decor with the gorgeous Middle Ages appeal of the 12th Century Voulge.

Key Features:

  • Decorative medieval voulge
  • Handle is handcrafted from wood
  • Head is hand forged from iron
  • Made in Italy
  • Extraordinary piece of medieval decor
  • Wood grain may vary from model to model


  • Height: 80 Inches


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