10th Century Viking Rus Helmet


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Step back in time to the era of the Vikings with the 10th Century Viking Rus Helmet. This historical armour piece is an exquisite reproduction of a 10th-century Viking Rus helmet. Meticulously hand-crafted from 16-gauge mild steel, this helmet is a testament to craftsmanship and historical detail. It is a replica of a real helmet found in an area known in the 10th century as the Slavic-Varangian settlement, Gnezdovo.

Authentic Design with Modern Comforts

This Viking Rus helmet boasts a stunning design that remains true to the original historical piece. The Slavic Viking helmet features brass details that accentuate the top, creating a striking vertical line towards the point of the rounded helmet. Trefoil cut-outs further accent the brass, adding a touch of elegance to the helmet’s overall appearance.

Bold brass along the brim forms a sturdy nose guard for added protection and style. The Varangian helmet also features an adjustable leather liner inside, ensuring a comfortable and customizable fit for the wearer.

Unparalleled Protection with Chainmail Aventail

One of the most impressive features of this Viking Rus helmet is the attached chainmail aventail. The aventail is securely fastened along the brim and at the bottom edges of the nose. This provides exceptional defense while still maintaining visibility. A chin strap with a solid brass buckle helps keep the eastern Viking helmet securely in place during use.

Perfect for Reenactment and Historical Enthusiasm

Whether you’re a Viking enthusiast, historical reenactor, or cosplayer, this 10th Century Viking Rus Helmet is an ideal choice. Suitable for responsible reenactment, light reenactment combat, and other historical events, this helmet allows you to immerse yourself in the rich history of the Viking era.

Experience the craftsmanship and authenticity of the 10th Century Viking Rus Helmet and add a piece of history to your collection today.

Key Features:

  • Historical Accuracy: Enjoy a piece that is faithful to historical designs, perfect for educational purposes or historical accuracy in reenactments.
  • Craftsmanship: Admire the meticulous hand-craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it a unique addition to any collection.
  • Secure Fit and Comfort: An adjustable leather liner and chin strap ensuring a secure fit and added comfort.
  • Attached Aventail for Added Defense:the aventail protects the neck and shoulders, areas vulnerable in combat situations.
  • Durability:Sturdy 16-gauge mild steel construction ensures hardiness and longevity for responsible battle and reenactment.


  • Made of 14 gauge steel with brass trim, leather interior liner, and leather chin strap.

Care Instructions:

Inner Head Circumference with LinerInner Head Circumference without LinerHeight without AventailInner DepthInner WidthAventail Side LengthAventail Center Front LengthRing Diameter
One Size25.6 inches26.8 inches10 inches9.6 inches8.3 inches14 inches11 inches10 millimeters


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