Windlass LARP Swords & Weapons

We offer a number of Windlass LARP weapons, many of which are not only visually impressive but quality items. Here, you will find all manner of wicked and awesome LARP weapons that have been masterfully crafted by Windlass Steelcrafts. Each one of these magnificent weapons features solid construction; composed of tough, layered foam and high-quality latex wrapped around a light fiber core and a Kevlar tip, these weapons have the strength and durability that any owner will be enthused to find in his or her weapons. Our Windlass LARP weapons are made to withstand the rigors of LARP combat, which means as long as you are good to it, your Windlass LARP weapon will be good to you. And these are not just your typical generic fantasy weapons, no; we have LARP weapons from Assassins Creed, Steampunk LARP swords, and LARP weapons , like hammers and axes and shields, that are based on fantasy and history. And these beauties are good for more than just LARPing; if you need a good practice weapon, or if you just need a stylish and cool sword, axe, or shield for a theater production or a movie you will find our Windlass LARP weapons are always up to the task.

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