Forgotten Dreams LARP Swords & Weapons

If you are searching for LARP weaponry crafted with attention to safety as well as appearance, check out our Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons section. Based on the weaponry of long ago eras as well as inspired by elements of fantasy, Forgotten Dreams crafts their LARP swords, LARP shields, LARP pole weapons, LARP daggers, and out of high quality materials that have been crafted to look as authentic as possible. These high quality LARP weapons are made out of industrial quality foam that has been treated with a protective latex coating as well as an elastic gloss finish for extra resiliency against the wear and tear of LARP battle. No matter what your character, you are sure to find a LARP weapon or defense to suit your needs here, whether you are looking for a LARP sword with a classic, medieval look, a sinister and fierce LARP axe, or a Celtic LARP shield with a touch of elegance.


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