Imperial LARP Collection

For menacing LARP war hammers, LARP swords, and more, check out the Imperial LARP Collection. This selection of LARP weaponry draws its design elements from knightly weapons, featuring emblems like Crusader crosses on their pommels, guards, and even hammer heads. This medieval inspiration is not without a dark twist, however, as demonstrated with items like the Imperial Inquisitor LARP Hammer, which displays crowned crosses upon its twin hammer faces. While menacing and stately, these LARP weapons are made safe for live action roleplay battle through their expert construction. Crafted by Forgotten Dreams, each LARP weapon is made of industrial quality polyethylene foam, which resists shredding. This foam is then layered over sturdy yet flexible fiberglass cores and coated with protective latex. Masterfully colored for an authentic look, these weapons boast appearances that closely resemble their functional counterparts. Finished with an elastic gloss for extra protection against everyday abrasions, the Imperial LARP Collection is filled with high quality, statement making LARP pieces that will serve you well for battle after battle when properly maintained.

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