Star Wars Necklaces & Pendants

If you hold Star Wars close to your heart, why not do so literally with our selection of Star Wars necklaces and pendants? From sterling silver Galactic Empire necklaces to fun, colored enamel BB-8 pendants, we have it all. Our Star Wars necklaces and pendants category spans the different eras of Star Wars, from the original trilogy starting with A New Hope all the way to The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and beyond. Shop sterling silver droid necklaces as well as First Order pendant necklaces, Stormtrooper dogtags, and more. We carry gunmetal Galactic Empire pendants as well as cubic zirconia-embellished Star Wars jewelry for an extra touch of glam. Shop Darth Vader helmet pendants, Millennium Falcon necklaces, and even jewelry from the Jedi Order.


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