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Ah, the pocket watch. It was once a staple of fashion that all men carried, as much for reasons of style as for being able to tell the time at any given moment. And with its Victorian, old-world style and influence, the pocket watch has again become standard fair for men of a steampunk setting. No longer are pocket watches the providence of just men, though, as our steampunk pocket watches here are suitable for both men and women to wear and enjoy. Our steampunk pocket watches come in a variety of different styles and sizes, ranging from the traditional pocket watch size to smaller, allowing for miniature varieties that are perfect for use as decoration. Some of the watches are simple, possessing an antiqued, metal appearance that is ideal for casual use, while others are impressive examples of steampunk style, depicting an assortment of steampunk designs and technological infusions that render the more complicated watches into works of industrial art. Also be aware that some of the watches are purely decorative, meaning that they are designed to resemble a watch and are actually non-functional pieces, while others are completely functional. Each watch will state whether it is a working watch or just a decorative model. Looking to accent your Neo-Victorian style? Nothing quite does it like a nice steampunk pocket watch, worn in the traditional fashion.


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