Wiccan Tarot Cards & Rune Pouches

Ritual accessories and items of significance should not always be left out in the open, nor should powerful personal talismans be left unprotected. These Wiccan tarot and rune pouches are ideal for keeping your tarot cards and rune stones safe, or anything else that might fit within the confines of these handy little drawstring bags. Crafted from the finest of fabrics, these bags are a solid choice when it comes to keeping your personal Wiccan accessories safe and secure. They are perfectly sized to contain a deck of cards with ease, while also possessing more than enough room to hold rune stones and rune sets, as well. These bags take on a particular sort of importance when you use your tarot for divination. And better yet, all these bags and pouches feature fine touches of decoration, often in the form of stitched symbols that adorn their exterior, making each one a classic addition to your Wicca style, too. So if you have the need to store anything sacred, or just want a nice little pouch to go with your gaming dice or personal accessories, then look no further than our variety of Wiccan tarot and rune pouches.


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