Saxon & Norman Coins

The Saxons and the Normans were both a people known for their tenacity and their military prowess; both inevitably settled in many places, although they both found Briton, what is now modern-day England, as their home, and thus, the Saxon and Norman coins offered by us are similar in name and shape to some of the most common forms of English currency, particularly the penny. Many of our Saxon and Norman coins feature busts of Saxon and Norman kings on coins made of pewter with antique-plating; some even feature an included pamphlet that details small bits of information about both coin and people. In a way, the similarity of Saxon and Norman coins is somewhat ironic: the Normans invaded Briton and fought against the Anglo-Saxons. These Saxon and Norman coins are fantastic for gamers, children, and collectors, and work wonders when used as false currency or accessories when used at fairs or re-enactments.


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