Large Scaled Ship Replicas

Okay, you want the big ships, you got the big ships. Or, rather, if you want the largest of ships, you can get the largest of ships here. Our large scaled ship replicas mean serious business. These model ships are nothing short of amazing. Let us start out with the sizes. These large ship scaled replicas come in a variety of sizes, ranging anywhere from 14 inches long to a staggeringly large 50 inches long. The 14-inch model ships are the most space efficient without sacrificing impressive detail. As the models grow larger, they are able to feature more and more detail. And before any questions are asked, yes, the biggest models are incredible. In addition to their impressive sizes, our large ship scaled replicas are each handcrafted from high quality materials and woods in a painstaking and arduous process that ensures a masterful level of detail on every piece, from big to small. And none of these ships are unnamed. Each of these tall ship scaled replicas is a recreation of an actual ship, some of which still sail the seas today. You will find historical ships, like the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, as well as modern ships like the USCG Eagle and the Cutty Sark. We offer replicas of war ships, like the HMS Victory and the USS Constitution, A.K.A. Old Ironsides, as well as mercantile and passenger vessels, like the Flying Cloud and the HMS Beagle. Each of these ships has a history and is nothing short of breathtaking in its craftsmanship and detail.

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