Fine Dining Flatware

We define flatware and silverware by similar standards. So if you find yourself in dire need of some new silverware, the place to look is here, in our fine dining flatware section! We offer a tantalizing array of intriguing options, allowing you to add theme and style to your next meal, whether it is a casual meal among friends or a formal affair among business associates! One of our themed pieces of flatware include renaissance inspired pieces that draw on the style of the noted Medici family, offering a subtle touch of artistic appeal to your silverware. Another few sets are inspired by more natural origins, depicting full flatware sets that have antler handles. One features genuine shed antler grips, while another sports cast pewter grips modeled after traditional antler. Some have an undersea style to them, with corral grips, while others are more forest themed, possessing pewter grips textured with bark and shaped like oak branches. We offer flatware sets that include the five traditional pieces, those being a butter knife, dinner fork, salad fork, soup spoon, and teaspoon, as well as steak knife sets that are ideally suited to helping you carve choice cuts of meat on your plate. Pair these flatware sets from the fine dining section with a few other pieces from our collection and your guests will not just be talking about the food after dinner service is completed. They will be talking about the utensils they ate it with too!

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