Medieval Castle Books

Standing as remnants to a time long-since-past, the castles that remain today are a testament to the strength and solidarity of the fortresses that were constructed during medieval times. We offer an assortment of books and reading materials that are all about the various castles from across the world. Our medieval castle books describe the castles that were built during medieval times, providing a deconstructed view of these grand fortresses and offering detailed explanations of how they changed and evolved over time to suit the needs of their monarchs and residents. Each medieval castle book details where and why castles were built, providing a background on the general functions of the different types of castles that were built throughout the ages, as well as the defensive measures that were built into the different castles of the different ages. Given that this is a great deal of information, this knowledge is divided up among several different medieval castle books, most of which are divided by location and century. These books make for wonderful resources from which to draw medieval factoids and information when needed, as well as wonderful pieces of reading material for those who enjoy reading about history.

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