Steampunk Necklaces & Pendants

We carry steampunk necklaces and pendants for every occasion and style! In a world powered by steam technology, fashion branches into many unique looks, as you can see from our wide array of steampunk pendants, steampunk lockets, steampunk chokers, and other Neo-Victorian necklaces. Some of our steampunk necklaces look like they belong around the neck of an inventor or engineer, while other Neo-Victorian pendants embrace period elegance suitable for aristocrats. Many pieces incorporate steampunk mechanics, including things like gears, cogs, cranks, pistons, and other machinery in their design, while others show off skeleton keys, cameos, butterflies, and vintage elements. Still others embrace a nautical theme straight out of Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, displaying anchors and octopuses. No matter what kind of outfit you are wearing, our Neo-Victorian jewelry will add charm and eccentricity.


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