Enter the LARP battlefield with a solid defense and an even stronger offense with the help of the Mytholon armour, weapons, and accessories available. For quality steel armour, foam weaponry, and historical clothing, check out the exciting finds found here. Cloth yourself according to the weather and season with the medieval dresses, tunics, pants, undergarments, and cloaks that are handmade from various fabrics such as wool, linen, cotton, and damask. Create a layered defense with padding and the many options in steel and leather armour. In our collection of Mytholon items, you will also find coins, eating utensils, and leather accessories such as pouches, belts, sword frogs, and baldrics. No matter where the roleplay adventure leads, to battle or a costume event, our assortment of Mytholon products ensures that you are fully equipped. We are certain you will be impressed with the clothing, armour, and gear offered in this section.


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