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Pouches, Bags & Sporrans

Leather pouches are great to have, especially at the Renaissance fair or during Medieval re-enactments. A Leather pouch gives you a place to put your keys, cell phone, money or anything else that is important to you. Not to mention they look great with Medieval outfits or Renaissance clothing. We have traditional medieval pouches and Scottish sporrans. All medieval leather pouches are made of top grain 7/8 ounce leather that is hand tooled. These medieval leather pouches come in variety of colors as well as sizes to fit your needs.

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15th Century Soldiers Pouch

Item # OB0616
This all-leather 15th century soldiers pouch will complement the outfits of re-enactors and role-players, as well as providing carrying space. This particular bag is crafted in roughout leather, with a belt loop and a buckle closure.

Adventurer Backpack

Item # MCI-2230
You tend to pick up a lot of neat items when you spend your life on the road. After a certain point, you might need a place to put all of it. With an incredible storage capacity, the Adventurer Backpack is definitely for travelers!

Adventurer Pouch

Item # DK7120
Maintain your fantasy persona by storing your cell phone, wallet, and other small goods in the Adventurer Pouch. To ensure that your goods remain safely stored and concealed, an antique brass clasp is used as a closure.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Black

Item # HW-700907BK
When attempting a quest or journey, the traveler needs a place to hold their finds. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in black holds necessary gear. Add this functional accessory to your LARP, cosplay, or Renaissance faire outfit.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Brown

Item # HW-700907BR
Messengers and merchants need their hands free to carry out their duties. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in brown allows them to finish their tasks. Carry this medieval bag to a Renaissance faire, fantasy convention, or LARP event.

Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials

Item # DK7122
Called to attend the lady of the manor, the alchemist removes a curious pouch from his belt. Releasing the clasp of the Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials, he opens the leather satchel, selecting from among the tonics secured within.

Alrich Scroll Bag

Item # MY100490
The Alrich Scroll Bag is a helpful accessory for those entrusted with the task of delivering important documents. Whether duty leads you to a battlefield or a scholarly setting, this case keeps urgent messages and sacred text close.

Baroque Renaissance Handbag

Item # MCI-377
When elegantly dressed for your next big event, not just any bag will do. The Baroque Renaissance Handbag is a beautifully handmade taffeta pouch with ruffle trim at its top and bottom edges.

Beige Velvet Pouch

Item # DL-1016
Medieval peasants do not have much, but what they do have, they want to store safely, where it cannot be scattered or lost. Keep your coins, dice, or other small accessories close to your person with the Beige Velvet Pouch.

Belwar Bag Set

Item # MY100901
Apothecaries, potioneers, and medieval merchants often require many pouches to hold and organize their wares. Use the Belwar Bag Set for your items. This bag set looks great with a wide variety of medieval and fantasy characters.

Belwar Leather Pouch

Item # MY100902
When visiting a medieval or fantasy market, currency should always be right at hand when purchasing goods. Keep coins in the Belwar Leather Pouch. This leather pouch is fantastic for reenactments, LARP events, and Renaissance faires.

Belwar Potion Bag

Item # MY100903
Mages, potion masters, apothecaries, and even spice traders need to hold their bottles securely. Use our Belwar Potion Bag to carry your concoctions. This pouch is fantastic for reenactments, LARP events, and cosplay costumes.