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For pop culture pendants featuring your favorite characters and iconic emblems from hit movies, series, and video games, shop here. We carry a varied selection of licensed pendants perfect for wearing with your own necklace chain or cord as a statement accessory in any outfit. Check out Star Wars pendants with Rebel and Galactic Empire logos as well as superhero pendants featuring the symbols of beloved comic characters and more. We even offer pop culture jewelry pendants from other fan favorites like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Star Trek as well as video game pendants for any gamer.
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Dead Zone Zombie Adult Costume

Item # IN-11055
While a ceaseless hunger for human brains may be somewhat distracting, your passion for football goes beyond the grave. Send opponents into a panicked frenzy as you score another touchdown with the Dead Zone Zombie Adult Costume.

Hazmat Hazard Adult Costume

Item # IN-96007
Whatever harmful substances and toxic fumes this Hazmat professional encountered, his suit was definitely not up to standard. Walk among the living dead this Halloween as a radioactive zombie with the Hazmat Hazard Adult Costume.

Mens Gruesome Groom Costume

Item # IN-11073
Your wedding can be one of the most memorable days of your life, and this groom would surely agree - though not in the way you might expect! The bloody end of this wedding is obvious when you wear the Mens Gruesome Groom Costume.

Mens OktoberFEAST Plus Size Costume

Item # IN-15020
When fall arrives, some people dust off their lederhosen and prepare for Oktoberfest. Yet when zombies arise, this festival will become a feast for new zombies, all wearing something like the Mens OktoberFEAST Plus Size Costume!

Zombie OktoberFEAST Adult Costume

Item # IN-11054
A mutated virus adds a new twist to the annual Oktoberfest. If your lederhosen and alpine hat are bloodstained and torn, you will fit right in. Join the undead horde and celebrate tradition with the Zombie OktoberFeast Adult Costume.
$36.00 $25.00