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The next time you pot a plant, plant a bit of magic with it as well when you put it in our plant pots or place it on our planter stands. We offer a selection of flower pots and garden planters in unique fantasy and medieval styles here. Check out dragon garden pots and fairy flower pots as well as greenman planters and fleur-de-lis planter stands. We also offer select gothic garden decor, such as our skull planters, for those who prefer a slightly more grim style to contrast with the blooms of their favorite flowers. Keep checking back as we add more fantasy, gothic, and medieval items to our selection of plant pots and stands as they become available.
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Bird Nest Fairy Garden Planter Display

Item # CC12579
After spring passes and fledgling robins fly from their nest, the fae folk seek out these cozy bird baskets to repurpose into homes. The Bird Nest Fairy Garden Planter Display shows one such discarded nest with a new magical purpose.

Bone Skull Planter

Item # CC12856
Bring a touch of gothic charm to garden decor with the Bone Skull Planter. This hand painted skeleton bowl is a delightfully macabre way to grow new life. Made of cold cast resin, it has the look of weathered, white bone throughout.

Dragon Flower Pot

Item # CC11885
You would be hard-pressed to find anything cuter than the happy little dragon on this Dragon Flower Pot. Place this unique garden pot anywhere in your garden or on your patio and you will have achieved a new level of peacefulness.

Dragon Garden Pot

Item # CC11884
This lovely cold cast resin statue is sure to bring happiness to your garden or outdoor space. Hand painted for wonderful detailing, the Dragon Garden Pot features an adorable grinning dragon sitting atop a functional flower pot.

Fairy Castle Flower Pot

Item # TL-4286
Even though fairies are spirits of nature, that does not mean that they must live in burrows and mushrooms. As the Fairy Castle Flower Pot so beautifully displays, there can be a balance between nature and sturdy architecture.

Fairy House Flower Pot

Item # TL-4285
If you want a fairy garden inside of your fairy garden, then the Fairy House Flower Pot is the thing for you! Not only does this functional flower pot hold your plants, it can double as an excellent addition to any fairy garden!

Fleur-de-Lis Planter Stands

Item # SI-33082
The fleur-de-lis is a classic French symbol that has been used in art, religious iconography, and royal crests for centuries. With the Fleur-des-Lis Planter Stands, you can place this symbol and its rich history in your garden.

Green Man Planter

Item # CC12151
Ancient symbols of rebirth, Green Men are said to be the guardians of plants with the ability to encourage growth. Maybe some of that nature-spirit magic will rub off on your flowers when you plant them in the Green Man Planter.

Skull Planter

Item # SC8772
When you are dead, some people will say that you are pushing up daisies. Whether that is a nicer way of saying that you are plant food is up to you, but the Skull Planter lets you bring the idiom to life in a gothic fashion.

Tree Stump Fairy Garden Planter Display

Item # CC12580
A fallen tree becomes an entire ecosystem for termites, ants, and beetles. And, in some cases, fairies. The Tree Stump Fairy Garden Planter Display depicts one such magical habitat that has housed itself inside a fallen tree.