Pirate & Nautical Earrings

An earring could be a powerful accessory for a pirate. Some believed the precious metal might enhance their sight, while for others, it was a clever way to keep some plunder on hand at all times. Either way, it was also a key element in a pirates chosen style too! We carry a number of fine pirate and nautical earrings that draw inspiration from the Age of the Sail as well as the Golden Age of Piracy. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of piracy is the Jolly Roger with a skull and crossbones, and thus some of our most popular earrings are the ones that recreate this classic image in gleaming sterling silver. We also carry various other earrings that sport pirate or nautical designs, including flintlock pirate pistol earrings and ship anchor earrings. And for the pirate who likes to keep her booty close at hand, nothing beats wearing some pieces of eight, left to dangle elegantly above your shoulders! Of course, we try to carry pirate earrings for both men and women, ensuring that every pirate who pays a visit to this section can walk away with a fine earring or two that perfectly suits their own pirate-y style and look.
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Silver and Copper Anchor Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0265
Nautical themes are extremely prevalent in the steampunk community thanks to literary works like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The impressive Silver and Copper Anchor Jewelry Set is a great way to show those nautical connections.

Silver and Copper Octopus Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0257
Dive into the depths of the ocean and bring back a souvenir like the Silver and Copper Octopus Jewelry Set. Breathe new life into your wardrobe with this daring collection that is inspired by the creatures of the deep blue sea.

Silver Octopus Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0259
Bring some nautical influences into your wardrobe with some help from the Silver Octopus Jewelry Set. This collection captures the spirit of the deep and creates playful accents that can be worn with any outfit.

White Bronze Compass Rose Gem Earrings

Item # PS-WZER035
The compass is an ancient seafaring instrument, symbolic of the sea and the many voyages mankind has taken to traverse the globe. The White Bronze Compass Rose Gem Earrings display many points radiating out from the center.