Pirate Jewelry

We carry plenty of pirate jewelry to fill up your personal treasure chest. Our pirate fashion jewelry includes pieces that men and women will love, showing off the Jolly Roger, grinning skulls, pirate ships, pirate coins, ship wheels, anchors, and compass roses in the designs. Made from high-quality sterling silver, white bronze, pewter, and other materials, these pirate pendants, pirate rings, pirate earrings, pirate necklaces, and pirate bracelets are sure to impress even the toughest scallywag. Our buccaneer jewelry works well for daily wearing or special occasions like Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Renaissance fair, or costume parties. Take a moment to peruse our selection, and you are sure to see something that draws your eye!
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Pirate Captain Earrings

Item # SC2553
Those days you have spent fantasizing about traveling the world can be channeled into the Pirate Captain Earrings. This dazzling jewelry set is sure to turn heads when you proudly wear them to your next social event.

Pirate Captain Necklace

Item # CCJ107
The Pirate Captain Necklace is the perfect gift for the pirate in your life! This necklace features the skull and crossbones with a pirate captain hat! This necklace is made of lead free alloy and comes with an adjustable chain.
$9.50 $8.55

Pirate Captain Skull Necklace

Item # CCJ347
Pirates, captains, and pirate hunters of all sorts will find something they like in the Pirate Captain Skull Necklace! Pirates will love it for its style, and pirate hunters will love it as a symbol of a pirate who got what he deserved!

Pirate Coin Neck Knife

Item # MC-FM-455
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. Often a hidden weapon, a pirate would be well-served by masquerading his Pirate Coin Neck Knife as a medallion.

Pirate Dagger Earrings

Item # SC2379
Now you can safely introduce a taste of the outlaws life into your personal look with the dazzling Pirate Dagger Earrings. A set like this is sure to turn heads when you proudly wear them during your next social event.

Pirate Dagger Necklace

Item # SC2380
Embrace the ocean life and the enterprising spirit of a privateer with the stylish Pirate Dagger Necklace. This playful jewelry accent can inspire your to seek some adventure and riches for your own life, so purchase one today.

Pirate Flames Necklace

Item # CCJ102
The Pirate Flames Necklace combines a historically classic pirate symbol, the skull and crossbones, with an incredibly vivid and colorful inferno. It is made from a lead free metal and includes a simple silver chain for wearing.

Pirate Hoop Earrings

Item # FM-25043
Some pirates believed that piercing your ears with precious metals would make your vision sharper. While there is no guarantee that these Pirate Hoop Earrings will make your sight better, they will make you a sharply dressed pirate.

Pirate Leather Bracelet

Item # AST-1119
Pirates are incredibly fashionable, which is probably because they plunder wealthy merchant ships. Whichever pirate is wearing the Pirate Leather Bracelet, though, has decided to add a uniquely dark pirate flair to their outfit.

Pirate Medallion Necklace

Item # MC-COIN
It was a wise man indeed who once cautioned against possessing pirates gold. Pirates would surely want their gold back by any means necessary. Thus, only the bold will want to wear the Pirate Medallion Necklace.

Pirate Padlock Necklace

Item # CCJ106
The Pirate Padlock Necklace is a great accent piece for your pirate garb. This necklace features a padlock with a skull and two swords on the front. This pirate necklace is made of lead free alloy and comes with an adjustable chain.

Pirate Shipwheel Necklace

Item # SC2785
Take control of the helm and lead your crew to the next fruitful destination while wearing the Pirate Ship wheel Pendant. This dazzling piece of jewelry can bring out the privateer in anyone so embrace a life on the ocean today.