Pirate Hats & Wigs

As Jack Sparrow attests, no true buccaneer can be complete without his pirate hat. We carry excellent pirate headwear for men, women, and kids. Many of these pirate tricorns and captain hats show off feathered plumes, gold braid, ribbons, and Jolly Rogers in their design, while other leather tricorns possess a more roguish look. Our pirate wigs and costume hairpieces often extend from headscarves and bandanas, showing off long hair or dreadlocks decorated with beads and braids. Other designs include pirate costume beards, as well. Lady pirates can also appreciate several miniature pirate hats, which go fabulously with pirate costumes. These buccaneer hats come in a wide range of affordable prices, so there is no reason not to finish off your ensemble with privateer flair.
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Ghostly Pirate Wig

Item # FM-66620
You will look like you came fresh out of Davy Jones Locker when you wear the Zombie Pirate Wig. This wigs long, wild hair is the perfect match for a captain of the sea, and the included decorations help to accent your deathly visage.

Gold Trim Pirate Hat

Item # LG-2078
Swashbuckle your way into the hearts of every partygoer when you wear the Gold Trim Pirate Hat. Ideal for regal pirate captains and sassy wenches alike, this pirate costume hat brings drama and class with its gold ribbon trim.

Gov'nah Tricorn Hat

Item # 201174
This piece is a true status symbol. This Tricorn Hat is made of a stiff, black ultra suede material. Resplendent in gold braid, red trim, and soft white-feathered accents, this Tricorn Hat is a perfect addition to a pirate outfit.

Gray Pirate Beard and Moustache

Item # CAL-70488
You have sailed the seas longer than you have known the land, and you wear your Gray Pirate Beard and Moustache as a symbol of your matured, seaworthy insight. This costume beard lends a wizened aura to any character portrayal.
$10.00 $7.00

High Seas Stocking Cap

Item # 101612
Versatile to wear in many ways and made from a stretchy fabric for comfort, the High Seas Stocking Cap is great for maritime adventurers and privateers. Be sure to cover your noggin before weighing anchor for your next pirate event.

Jack Sparrow Head Scarf

Item # LU-250164
Add extra detail to any pirate look with the officially licensed Jack Sparrow Head Scarf. An incredibly versatile costume accessory, this pirate bandana lends you the style of the fan favorite Pirates of the Caribbean character.

Jack Sparrow Scarf with Dreads

Item # LU-250162
If you seek to imitate the iconic style of Jack Sparrow from Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean, then the Jack Sparrow Scarf with Dreads is an excellent choice. Easy to wear, the synthetic hair is attached to the red pirate scarf.

Jolly Roger Pirate Bicorn

Item # LU-290380
Be the scourge of the Seven Seas with the Jolly Roger Pirate Bicorn. Whether you are searching for treasure or sitting at your favored tavern having a drink, this hat is sure to let all in the room know where your allegiance lies.

Kids Jack Sparrow Hat

Item # LU-200401
For aspiring swashbucklers, it is just as important to look the part as it is to have the cutthroat ferocity of a real pirate. Wearing the Kids Jack Sparrow Hat, your child will be ready to take on any high seas adventure in style.

Kids Pirate Bandana

Item # FM-77040
Be it the adventure or the treasure that drew them, pirates have always been a popular subject among children. Transform your little landlubber into the brave seafarer theyve always dreamed of being with the Kids Jolly Roger Bandana!

Kids Regal Pirate Hat

Item # LU-200140
If your young pirate captain demands to wear only the finest of pirate gear, the Kids Regal Pirate Hat is the perfect addition to their swashbuckling ensemble. This bicorn costume hat features a velvety texture and bright gold trim.

Kids Rugged Pirate Hat

Item # LU-200150
If your child often dreams of high seas adventuring, the Kids Rugged Pirate Hat will help transform them into a proper pirate captain. This faux suede costume hat features weathered edges and a skull and crossbones patch on its side.