No desk setup is truly complete without a matching paperweight, and we have the paperweights that will bring both classic function and unbeatable style to your desk or table! Our paperweights can provide just a taste of fantasy, historical, or pop culture fashion or be used to tie together an overarching theme in your home office space. Shop fantasy art paperweights featuring the work of artists like Anne Stokes, dragon paperweights, wizard paperweights, and even gothic skull paperweights. Our steampunk paperweights, paperweight compasses, and octopus paperweights can lend a nautical or Neo Victorian look to your desk. We even offer Templar knight paperweights for incorporating an iconic aspect of medieval history into your office decor. Be sure to check out our pop culture paperweights, too! Whether you are looking for the perfect piece of desk decor or simply need a way to keep your papers from blowing away, this category has a paperweight for you.
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Anne Stokes Celtic Dragon Paperweight

Item # 05-22032
Few defenses can trump the fiery breath of a dragon, seen here as a red dragon sends out a plume of flame. The Anne Stokes Celtic Dragon Paperweight shows off one of the gorgeous pieces created by the celebrated fantasy artist.

Anne Stokes Lunar Magic Paperweight

Item # 05-22031
Anne Stokes is well-known for her gorgeous gothic and fantasy artwork. You can show off your appreciation of her iconic style by adding the Anne Stokes Lunar Magic Paperweight to your desk as a charming decoration and tool.

Crystal Cave Dragon Paperweight

Item # 05-22034
Dragons inhabit a variety of spaces, though they prefer caves due to their typically massive size and reclusive natures. The Crystal Cave Dragon Paperweight displays a stunning fantasy artwork showing a dragon in its chosen cave.

Knights Templar Paperweight

Item # ME-0214
Featuring an eye-catching design of two mounted Templars charging into battle, the Knights Templar Paperweight is a beautiful addition to the office or home and an excellent way to display your historical interests.

Masonic Paperweight

Item # ME-0212
An exceptionally eye-catching accessory perfect for the office or home, the Masonic Paperweight displays the most notable Freemason symbol - a compass and square with a large G decorating the area in between them.

Orange Octopus Art Glass Paperweight

Item # SI-76026
Every desk deserves a flash of color, and these glass paperweights are a great way to find some bright hues! The Orange Octopus Art Glass Paperweight shows off a streaked orange figure that grips tight to its clear base.

Templar Cross Paperweight

Item # ME-0213
A spectacular accent for your office or home, the Templar Cross Paperweight displays a symbol associated with the Knights Templar, a wealthy and powerful order of knights that existed during the time of the Crusades.

Wizard Septimus Paperweight

Item # 05-22041
Secrets and mysteries abound in the eyes of the sorcerer shown in the design of the Wizard Septimus Paperweight. This fantasy art collectible, based on the art of Jan Patrik Krasny, shows a wizard staring into the distance.