North Pole Series by Department 56

Enjoy Christmas at the North Pole alongside Santa and his elves with this fun Department 56 collection! The North Pole village series lets you add some holiday cheer to your home decor. Inspired by the magic of the season, these North Pole buildings and village accessories will bring Christmas dreams to life for the young and young-at-heart with sweet treat, snowflake, and toy motifs. Start with Santas office as he and his elves check their lists, and swiftly move on to the various Christmas shops crafting everything from baby dolls to bikes to ugly sweaters. If you begin to feel peckish, the espresso bar, Easy-Bake bakery, cocoa cafe, and gumdrop factory are a few of the places to find a snack. Populate your scene with Rudolph the Reindeer figurines as well as many different holiday elves who live at the North Pole in charming holiday cottages. Many of the Christmas village buildings can be plugged into an electrical outlet to spread a cheery glow throughout your wintry scene, and several offer additional animation or audio features that make them truly amazing collectibles. Christmas spirit will infuse the air with these pieces on display!

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A Gift From Rudolph - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4036555
Moved with holiday cheer and the spirit of giving, Rudolph nudges a Christmas gift towards Clarice. Paying tribute to the classic holiday special, the Gift From Rudolph figure shows the two reindeer with a wrapped present.
$25.31 $22.50

A Personal Touch - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4050976
With careful precision, a skilled elf writes Santas name on a regal chair. Made of hand painted porcelain, A Personal Touch is a holiday figure from the Department 56 North Pole Series that depicts this Christmas elf hard at work.
$25.31 $22.50

Animated Flight Test - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4036549
Using a remote control device, Santa and his helper are testing out the toy airplanes today! The Animated Flight Test figure features a model plane that rotates around the snowy air traffic control pedestal below.
$78.75 $70.00

Anniversary Gazebo - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4050966
Within the Anniversary Gazebo, under the glow of an LED light, Mr. and Mrs. Claus stand in a cozy embrace. Part of the North Pole Series by Department 56, this delicately detailed collectible offers an abundance of elegant cheer.
$111.38 $99.00

Check And Double Check - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4036550
Quality control at the North Pole remains a vital task - especially during the final inspection of toys! In the Check and Double Check figure, Santa is going over his lists and checking them twice with the help of an elf assistant.
$28.13 $25.00

Easy-Frost Frosting - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4049205
This hard-working baker elf mixes up a jumbo bowl of frosting to meet the extra holiday demand at the bakery. The Easy-Frost Frosting figurine showcases the elf as he climbs a couple of steps in order to reach the bowl.
$33.75 $30.00

Face Plant - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4044849
Oops! Looks like someone missed the mark - and the back of the sled! The Face Plant figurine displays an unfortunate bobsledder who has ended up with a face full of snow instead of joining his partner for takeoff.
$30.94 $27.50

Hasbro Easy-Bake Bakery - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4049202
Inspired by the toy making elves down the street, the baker elves have a new facility modeled after the popular retro Hasbro Easy-Bake oven. Peek inside the Hasbro Easy-Bake Bakery to see the elves hard at work making sweet treats.
$123.75 $110.00

Hot Chocolate Tower - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-56-56872
Santa sees to it that there is always plenty of hot chocolate for his industrious elves. The Hot Chocolate Tower will keep the busy elves warm and ready to work at the North Pole. And at 15 cents a mug, it is quite a bargain!
$45.00 $40.00

Jack B Nimble Candle Shop - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4030719
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick! Can Jack jump over the candlestick shop? The Jack B Nimble Candle Shop is designed to look like an old-fashioned candle and holder. LED flame adds a warm glow to the festive Christmas shop.
$78.75 $70.00

Jack Be Quick - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4030728
Jack be nimble, Jack Be Quick! Our elf friend, Jack, enjoys adding candlelight to his festive holiday habitat. He might need to move quickly in a moment, though - the seat of his pants look like they are getting a little too warm.
$14.06 $12.50

Letters To Santa - North Pole Series by Department 56

Item # EN-4050974
These young elves are set on mailing their letters to Santa by whatever means necessary. The Letters To Santa figure, part of the Department 56 North Pole Series, depicts this delightful scene in bright, hand painted colors.
$22.50 $20.00