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Pointed Medieval Banner - Small

Item # MCI-801-S
The medieval world was filled with banners, also called standards. The Small Pointed Medieval Banner looks right at home with medieval home decor. This standard also looks great at historical reenactments or Renaissance faires.

Plain Medieval Banner - Small

Item # MCI-800-S
If you like the look of a medieval banner, but do not have space for a large one, then look at the Small Plain Medieval Banner for your home. Use it to decorate your home or for a reenactment. It also works great for a DIY project.

Plain Medieval Banner - Medium

Item # MCI-800-M
Whether you wish to add some medieval flair to your decor or create your own fabric heraldry, the Medium Plain Medieval Banner is perfect for the job. This standard looks great at historical reenactments or Renaissance faires.

Plain Medieval Banner - Large

Item # MCI-800-L
A castle or medieval tent looks out of place without banners flying nearby. Hang the Large Plain Medieval Banner wherever you want medieval flair. Use it to decorate your home or for a reenactment. It works great for a DIY project.

Black and Bone Tribal Skull

Item # CC9944
Black magic leaves its mark on the soul and the body of those who practice its ways. The Black and Bone Tribal Skull shows the results of black magic. This skull makes a wonderful addition to a skull collection or to a gothic home.

Wizard Coin Set

Item # DL-1024
Wizards in any realm need to purchase their rare ingredients or sell their mystical potions. Use the Wizard Coin Set to build your magical supplies. Add these coins to your next LARP outfit or use them in your next wizard battle.

Medieval Units Coin Set

Item # DL-1023
Medieval travelers require coins to make their way across the realm. Carry with you the Medieval Units Coin Set and know exactly what you have paid. This coin set is a wonderful accessory for a variety of LARP or cosplay costumes.

Goblin Coin Set

Item # DL-1022
Defeating a goblin horde, you happen to discover their hidden treasures. Within the trove, you find currency like the ones in the Goblin Coin Set. This coin set is fantastic for table games or as part of a LARP or cosplay ensemble.

Greek Mythology Coin Set

Item # DL-1021
One must remember to give tribute to the divine while traveling in Olympus, the realm of the gods. The Greek Mythology Coin Set gives honor to them. This coin set is ideal for table games set in Ancient Greece or as a collectible.

Bearded Viking Axe Head

Item # MH-W1126
Axes are just as terrifying as swords to face in battle. Produce fear in your enemies and courage in your comrades with the Bearded Viking Axe Head. This axe head makes a great display piece on its own or used in a DIY project.

Langeid Viking Axe Head

Item # MH-W1125
An axe excavated in Norway has inspired many recreations. This Langeid Viking Axe Head carries on the terrifying appearance of that historical axe. This axe head looks fantastic on display and works great as part of a DIY project.

Horseman Hammer Axe Head

Item # MH-W1101-C
As time went on, war hammers and other blunt weapons became more important to the horseman. Create your own version with the Horseman Hammer Axe Head. This axe head is a great addition to any collection or as part of a DIY project.

Medieval Bascinet Helmet

Item # MH-H0993
Brave knights must protect their heads from enemy attacks. Wear the Medieval Bascinet Helmet and provide your head with greater defense in battle. This helmet is a fantastic armour piece for medieval faires and fantasy conventions.

Black Leather Gauntlets

Item # MH-S0601N
Great swordsmen from history and fiction require protection for their hands. Guard yours from the enemy and elements with the Black Leather Gauntlets. These gloves look great with a variety of costumes for faires and conventions.

Brown Leather Gauntlets

Item # MH-S0601M
Whether you wish to be Inigo Montoya, Zorro, or Dartagnan, every great swordsman needs a fantastic pair of gloves. Wear the Brown Leather Gauntlets. These gloves look fantastic at a LARP or cosplay event, faire, or convention.

Small Fleur Shield Buckler

Item # MH-A1265-B
Even smaller shields can make a large difference between victory and defeat. Carry the Small Fleur Shield Buckler into battle and claim your triumph. This magnificent buckler looks great at a reenactment, faire, or convention.

Large Fleur Shield Buckler

Item # MH-A1265-A
Young infantryman, carry your sword and buckler into battle. The Large Fleur Shield Buckler will keep you armed and protected during the fight. This medieval buckler is great for historical reenactments and cosplay conventions.

Twisted Penannular Pin

Item # HW-700482
Whether a medieval merchant or Roman senator, you would have used a brooch. The Twisted Penannular Pin is a fastener following that long tradition. Wear it as a part of a variety of costumes at a historical reenactment or LARP event.

Leaf Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700481
Elves and romans would equally like this beautiful brooch. The Leaf Penannular Brooch follows a tradition that is centuries old, with its own natural twist. Wear this elegant accent as a part of your fantasy or historical costume.

Twisted Vine Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700480
The Twisted Vine Penannular Brooch looks like it transformed from a living vine into a metal brooch. People used similar brooches for centuries. This brooch is a great accent for fantasy conventions and historical reenactments.

Wooden Gladiator Sword

Item # HW-701367
Young gladiator, take up your sword and fight for freedom! Grab the Wooden Gladiator Sword and march your way out of the reaches of the Roman Empire. This wooden sword is great for practicing for battle or historical reenactments.

Brass Chainmail Tie

Item # HW-701350
The Brass Chainmail Tie is a great option when you want to stand out at your next event. This brass tie complements dress shirts and suits. Look stylish with this brass accessory or give it as a gift to a lover of medieval culture.

Brass Diving Helmet Keychain

Item # HW-701293
While you may not be diving down to the depths of the sea, you can still bring some ocean history with you wherever you take the Brass Diving Helmet Keychain. This handcrafted keyring looks just like a mini antique diving helmet.

Brass Telegraph Keychain

Item # HW-701292
Take nautical history with you anywhere with the Brass Telegraph Keychain. This handcrafted keyring is based on the engine telegraphs on ships like the Titanic, used to relay changes in speed from the bridge to the engine room.

Brass Scout's Whistle Keychain

Item # HW-701291
Having a whistle close at hand is always a good idea, whether you need to signal companions during play or for an emergency. The Brass Scouts Whistle Keychain has a historical look and easily attaches to your keys or favorite bag.

Brass Anchor Lantern Keychain

Item # HW-701290
The Brass Anchor Lantern Keychain is styled just like the lanterns used on sailing ships for eras past. This handcrafted brass keychain is impressively detailed, with copper accenting on some of the bars that surround its center.

Brass Diving Helmet Compass Keychain

Item # HW-701289
Even if you are not embarking on a journey to the depths of the ocean, you can still show off unique nautical style with the Brass Diving Helmet Compass Keychain. The mini helmet has a compass where the face would typically peer out.

Brass Sailor's Wheel Keychain

Item # HW-701288
Think of daring voyages on the high seas when you secure your keys with the Brass Sailors Wheel Keychain. This handcrafted nautical keychain has a clear center and six handles, one of which is attached to a knurl knob ring.

Elven Leaf Leather Pouch - Brown

Item # HW-701274
Even elves and rangers of the forest need a place to carry their coins. The Elven Leaf Leather Pouch in brown makes a great addition to your costumes. Wear this great accessory to a Renaissance faire, LARP event, or convention.

Engraved Brass Telescope

Item # HW-701250
Sailors, adventurers, and pirates need to be able to see far away. Give the Engraved Brass Telescope to your favorite seafarer or nautical enthusiast. Keep this telescope for yourself and add it to a cosplay or reenactment costume.

Dark Dungeon Handcuffs

Item # HW-701247
Need a pair of handcuffs for your deep dungeon? The Dark Dungeon Handcuffs mimic those used in the Dark Ages to hold dangerous prisoners. These iron handcuffs are a great prop for theater productions and make a good display piece.

Dungeon Handcuffs

Item # HW-701245
Dungeons just are not complete without a pair of handcuffs. These Dungeon Handcuffs mimic those used in the medieval era and add a functional touch. They are a great prop for theater productions and make a good conversation piece.

Imperial Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701218
Royalty requires the finest details on their garments. Add the Imperial Belt Buckle to your regal costume or wear it as part of your daily wardrobe. This brass buckle is an ideal accent for a cosplay, LARP, or reenactment ensemble.

Double Deco Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701213
The Double Deco Belt Buckle is great for DIYers or cosplayers looking for that perfect belt buckle. It is understated enough to work with a variety of eras and genres. Wear it with your casual everyday wear or a fantasy costume.

Round Shell Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701212
The Round Shell Belt Buckle comes ashore for the DIYer or cosplayer looking for the right belt buckle. This brass buckle forms the shape of a clam shell. Add it to a purse, belt, or other item for your fantasy or historical costume.

Bowed Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701211
Enjoyers of archery can show their appreciation with the Bowed Belt Buckle. This brass belt buckle resembles a bow ready to release an arrow. Wear this buckle to a fantasy convention, use it in a DIY cosplay, or for costume repair.

Brass Leaf Roman Hair Band

Item # HW-701202
The Romans and Greeks were known to wear a laurel wreath after a great triumph. Wear the Brass Leaf Roman Hair Band to symbolize your great victory. This accessory is a wonderful addition to an outfit for reenactments or cosplay.

Merchant Leather Bag

Item # HW-701184
Adventurers, traders, and all members of medieval society need something to carry their goods in when traveling. The Merchant Leather Bag is ideal for this important purpose. Wear it to market on or on a quest at a LARP event.

Brown Leather Wrapped Telescope with Pouch

Item # HW-701177
Look ahead towards adventures yet to come with the Brown Leather Wrapped Telescope with Pouch. This handcrafted brass telescope comes with a buckled pouch for keeping safe as part of your adventuring kit or historical costume.

Black Leather Wrapped Telescope with Pouch

Item # HW-701176
Set your sights on the path ahead using the Black Leather Wrapped Telescope with Pouch. This functional brass telescope has a three tiered design that collapses into a neat cylinder that is easily tucked inside its matching pouch.

Double Studded Medieval Leather Belt - Brown

Item # HW-701174BR
Belts should be as adaptable as the characters and people wearing them. The Double Studded Medieval Leather Belt in brown is a versatile accessory. You can add this medieval belt to a LARP or cosplay costume and wear it to a faire.

Double Studded Medieval Leather Belt - Black

Item # HW-701174BK
Sometimes you want a belt that works for every day and as a part of a costume. The Double Studded Medieval Leather Belt in black work for both needs. This unpunched belt looks great with a cosplay ensemble or for a Renaissance faire.

Trader Leather Bag

Item # HW-701162
You may never know when you may need a suede pouch at your side. Carry the Trader Leather Bag with you to hold your important items. Wear this practical and attractive accessory to the market, convention, or Renaissance faire.

Elven Leaf Leather Pouch - Black

Item # HW-701161
Carry your coins in the shadows of the forest using the Elven Leaf Leather Pouch in black. This mystical bag helps to keep your gold or other small treasures out of sight. Wear it at a faire, LARP event, or fantasy convention.

Embossed Brass Bangle

Item # HW-701155
Bangles were worn in Europe from before the Iron Age up until the modern day. The Embossed Brass Bangle exemplifies this long beautiful tradition. This brass bangle can be worn as a part of a modern outfit or a historical costume.

Twisted Medieval S Hook

Item # HW-701147
One of the most commonly needed culinary items when cooking over a fire is an S-hook. The Twisted Medieval S Hook is both functional and decorative. Add it to your kitchen, camp, or display for a historical way to hang decorations.

Peasant Canvas Quiver

Item # HW-701146
Not every archer in medieval society carried a leather quiver. Use the Peasant Canvas Quiver with your historical costume or for archery practice. It is a great accessory for Renaissance faires, LARP events, or on the archery range.

Forged Medieval Fire Striker

Item # HW-701145
The most common way to start a fire in the medieval world was the flint striker. The Forged Medieval Fire Striker follows this long tradition. This ideal accessory can be added to the pack of any reenactor, camper, or outdoorsman.

Forged Double Loop Fire Striker

Item # HW-701144
When camping or reenacting, you need a way to properly start a fire. The Forged Double Loop Fire Striker completes this task in the historical method. Add this hand forged striker to your reenacting or camping gear or display it.

Ridged Center Loop Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701143
Many cosplayers, reenactors, and more need a buckle for their projects. The Ridged Center Loop Belt Buckle is ideal for a variety of design ventures. Add it to a belt, purse, or other accessory for a modern or historical outfit.

Winged Roman Spearhead

Item # HW-701118
Add the Winged Roman Spearhead to your own haft to create a one-of-a-kind pole weapon. It resembles the winged spearheads of centuries past. This hand-forged iron spearhead is a great item for DIY projects or historical displays.

Ridged Leaf Spearhead

Item # HW-701115
Sometimes you want to create your own spear; use the Ridged Leaf Spearhead to make your own medieval weapon. This hand forged, steel spearhead is great for historical reenactments, DIY projects, or as a functional display piece.

Natural Finish Steel Buckler - Large

Item # HW-701112
A swordsman may want a small shield to deflect a blade or to directly attack an opponent. Use the Large Natural Finish Steel Buckler for that purpose. Carry this small shield onto the battlefield at a cosplay event or reenactment.

Natural Finish Steel Buckler - Medium

Item # HW-701111
The buckler was favored by medieval swordsmen, especially fencers. Follow this long tradition by carrying the Medium Natural Finish Steel Buckler. This small shield is a wonderful accessory for historical reenactments or conventions.

Natural Finish Steel Buckler - Small

Item # HW-701110
One of the smallest shields that was available in the medieval era was the buckler. This Small Natural Finish Steel Buckler lives up to its legacy. This small shield is an essential defensive tool for warriors, fencers, and duelists.

Large Canvas Sack

Item # HW-701104
Whether on the go or at basecamp, the Large Canvas Sack can hold a variety of items. You can use it for your everyday chores or for medieval storage. This versatile bag looks at home in the laundry room or holding camping gear.

Small Canvas Sack

Item # HW-701103
Carry your goods near and far with the Small Canvas Sack. Hide important items in this unassuming sack from the eyes of bandits, pirates, and thieves. Use it around the house or at a Renaissance faire or historical reenactment.

Viking Dragon Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701092
Dragons were a common motif among the Vikings, especially on their sailing ships. Celebrate these warrior people with the Viking Dragon Belt Buckle. This belt buckle is great for everyday wear and works well for a cosplay detail.

Miter Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701091
A miter is worn by important figures, especially clergy. Make a nod to this important headwear with a more subtle accessory in the Miter Belt Buckle. Add this buckle to your everyday outfit or to a costume for a LARP or cosplay event.

Scrolled Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701090
Sometimes you want to add a more individual touch to your daily wardrobe. The Scrolled Belt Buckle is a versatile addition to a variety of modern or historical ensembles. Wear it in your casual wear or as a part of a fantasy costume.

Viking Horn Tankard

Item # HW-701087
The Norse people often drank from horns. Follow their lead and continue the tradition with the Viking Horn Tankard. Add it to your medieval feast or historical banquet. This cup is a great accessory for reenactments or LARP events.

Medieval Steel Knee Armour

Item # HW-701075
Knights wore armour to protect as much of their body as they could. They would have approved of wearing the Medieval Steel Knee Armour into battle. Wear these knee guards to historical reenactments, LARP events, or conventions.

Viking Longship Candle Holder

Item # HW-701058
Viking ships were used to plunder and to inspire home decor. The Viking Longship Candle Holder is a smaller replica of a 12th century candle holder. This iron candelabra is ideal for use at outdoor events and for indoor decoration.

Medieval Canvas Shoulder Bag - Ecru

Item # HW-701057W
When visiting the medieval era, modern amenities should be hidden from view. Carry your important items in the Medieval Canvas Shoulder Bag in ecru. This shoulder bag keeps a historical look for LARP events and Renaissance faires.

Medieval Canvas Shoulder Bag - Black

Item # HW-701057BK
While walking in the shadows, keep your important items at hand with the Medieval Canvas Shoulder Bag in black at a LARP event or Renaissance faire. This accessory also works wonderfully at fantasy conventions or for every day.

Steel Sabatons

Item # HW-701056
A mounted knight had to be wary of enemy attack to their feet. Play the part of a medieval cavalryman protecting themselves with the Steel Sabatons. This pair of foot armour is ideal for Renaissance faires and historical reenactments.

Iron Torch Holder

Item # HW-701054
Torches were used for millennia to light the outdoors. Use the Iron Torch Holder to hold torches and to light up your historical festival or party. It is ideal for modern or medieval outdoor events including camping or reenactments.

Eisenhut Kettle Helmet

Item # HW-701052
One of the most common and varied helmets of the medieval era was the kettle helmet. The Eisenhut Kettle Helmet recreates this historical headwear. This steel helmet is a great accessory for reenactments or fantasy conventions.

Medieval Padded Bracers - Ecru

Item # HW-701048
Young warrior, remember to put on padding before putting on your armour. Wear the Medieval Padded Bracers in ecru to prevent chaffing and pinching. They are an ideal medieval accessory for LARP events or historical reenactments.

Medieval Padded Mantle - Ecru

Item # HW-701046
Wearing a helmet is not always enough. You may need padding for added comfort and a better fit. Wear the Medieval Padded Mantle in ecru into battle. It is an ideal accessory to your costume for a faire, LARP event, or reenactment.

Simple Leather Wrist Cuff - Brown

Item # HW-701044
No matter what kind of adventurer you are, nothing beats the easy style and practicality of the Simple Leather Wrist Cuff in brown. This leather wrist guard is perfect for adding extra defense to medieval and fantasy ensembles.

Simple Leather Wrist Bracer - Black

Item # HW-701043
Toughen up your medieval or fantasy look with the Simple Leather Wrist Bracer in Black. This leather arm guard has an unadorned, adjustable style that is easy to wear with nearly any outfit, adding both extra defense and style.

Scrolled Germanic Knife

Item # HW-701036
The Scrolled Germanic Knife is a beautiful replica of an Iron Age knife. Its legacy stems from a culture existing before the Roman Empire took hold of Europe. This tempered iron knife is ideal for historical reenactment or display.

Leaf-Shaped Celtic Spearhead

Item # HW-701035
Make your own historical long range weapon with the Leaf-Shaped Celtic Spearhead. This hand forged, tempered steel spearhead has a rugged look to its historical shape. The edges of this medieval spear head is blunted for safety.

Hand Forged Germanic Javelin

Item # HW-701034
Create your own historical throwing weapon for reenactment or display with the Hand Forged Germanic Javelin. This javelin head has the look of a rugged artifact and can be affixed to your own wooden haft to form a full javelin.

Small Leather Coin Purse - Black

Item # HW-701032
Sized just right for coins, jewels, keys, or other small essentials, carry the Small Leather Coin Purse in Black at your side or tossed into your belt bag. This handmade leather coin bag closes with a black cord drawstring.

Santiago Leather Belt

Item # HW-701031
The Santiago Leather Belt is versatile enough for modern, historical, and fantasy applications. Wear it casually every day. Add it to an ensemble or historical costume for a LARP event, Renaissance faire, or fantasy convention.

Black Leather Lace - 25-30 Inches

Item # HW-701010
Leather lacing can come in handy for the LARPer, reenactor, or DIYer. The Black Leather Lace comes in 25 to 30 inches and is perfect for your project. It is a must have when you need to repair, update, or create a great costume.

High Tensile Butted Hauberk

Item # HW-700997
When on Crusade or fighting a great battle against fearsome dragons, wearing the right armour is important. Wear the High Tensile Hauberk for your next fight. It impresses at cosplay events or light-contact historical reenactments.

Round Riveted Chainmail Shirt

Item # HW-700990
In the heat of battle, the right armour can make a big difference. The Round Riveted Chainmail Shirt protects the smart warrior from attack. Wear this armour as part of a knight, Viking, or fantasy outfit to a LARP or cosplay event.

High Tensile Butted Chainmail Shirt

Item # HW-700989
Sometimes the length of a hauberk or haubergeon is not desired. The High Tensile Butted Chainmail Shirt ends below the waist for many costume options. Wear this mail armour as a part of an ensemble for a cosplay event or reenactment.

Horn Tealight Holder

Item # HW-700984
Welcome friends, family, or the spirit of nature into your domain with the Horn Tealight Holder. Light your favorite candle in this natural holder. Illuminate your favorite space with this tealight holder or give it as a gift.

Templar Horn Tankard

Item # HW-700983
A knighted soldier on crusade needs to bring their own drinking vessel. The Templar Horn Tankard is an awesome cup for a knight or medieval warrior. Bring this historical tankard to a LARP event, cosplay convention, or banquet.

Triple Buckle Black Leather Baldric

Item # HW-700980
A baldric places the weight of your sword on the shoulder for easy carrying and mobility. The Triple Buckle Black Leather Baldric is a stylish way to keep your favorite sword close, conveniently hanging diagonally at your side.

Simple Leather Wrist Cuff - Black

Item # HW-700979
The Simple Leather Wrist Cuff in black provides easy wrist protection for any outfit. This leather bracers covers just the wrist, making it ideal for incorporating into a warrior outfit or for adding a small accent to your look.

Simple Leather Wrist Bracer - Brown

Item # HW-700978
The Simple Leather Wrist Bracer is a straightforward way to protect your wrist or add a rugged touch of warrior style to historical or fantasy looks. This brown leather bracer is easy to wear and adjusts with lacing at the back.

Steel and Brass Chainmail Tie

Item # HW-700963
If you want to wear chainmail but do not want the weight, the Steel and Brass Chainmail Tie is a great choice. You can give this tie as a great gift to an enjoyer of the Middle Ages or wear this chainmail tie as a fun accessory.

Medieval Padded Bracers - Brown

Item # HW-700959BR
Sometimes, padding underneath arm bracers is desired. The Medieval Padded Bracers in brown are wonderful for wearing under steel or leather bracers. Add these bracers to your historical or fantasy costume for a LARP event or faire.

Norse Steel Spangenhelm

Item # HW-700945
Some armour designs were nearly universal across Europe during the Middle Ages. The Norse Steel Spangenhelm recreates one of the most common helmets. This nasal guard helmet is wonderful for historical reenactments or cosplay events.

Classic Knight Gorget

Item # HW-700943
Both knights and Roman soldiers are vulnerable at their necks. Learn to protect yourself and wear the Polished Julius Gorget in battle or at practice. It is ideal for LARP events, historical reenactments, or Renaissance faires.

Classic Knight Steel Elbow Guards

Item # HW-700939
Elbows can be a spot vulnerable to attack. Protect your elbows with the Polished Julius Elbow Guards. These steel guards are a great addition to your armour. Wear them at a LARP event, historical reenactment, or just for practice.

Classic Knight Steel Greaves

Item # HW-700936
Every good Roman soldier or knight remembers to protect their shins. Wear the Polished Julius Greaves and enhance your armour or costume. They are ideal for historical reenactments, LARP or SCA events, and fantasy conventions.

Classic Knight Steel Gorget

Item # HW-700920
Whether you wish to be a knight of the round table or a cavalier, protecting your neck from the enemy is important. Wear the Dagonet Steel Gorget into battle. This militaristic accessory is great for reenactments and fantasy events.

Medieval Padded Mantle - Brown

Item # HW-700917BR
Soldiers and mercenaries should remember to wear padding. Use the Medieval Padded Mantle in brown to help cushion your armour and to prevent chaffing. It is an ideal addition to your costume for a faire, LARP event, or reenactment.

Leather Pouch with Pockets - Brown

Item # HW-700912
The Brown Leather Pouch with Pockets is perfect for those moments where you want to keep your gear sorted into different compartments. This natural leather belt bag has a curved front flap secured with an adjustable buckle strap.

Buckled Travelers Pouch - Brown

Item # HW-700909
For hardy adventurers and rugged warriors, the Brown Buckled Travelers Pouch is the perfect companion. This natural leather bag has a roomy shape for small essentials, and its front flap closes securely with a brass buckled strap.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Brown

Item # HW-700907BR
Messengers and merchants need their hands free to carry out their duties. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in brown allows them to finish their tasks. Carry this medieval bag to a Renaissance faire, fantasy convention, or LARP event.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Black

Item # HW-700907BK
When attempting a quest or journey, the traveler needs a place to hold their finds. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in black holds necessary gear. Add this functional accessory to your LARP, cosplay, or Renaissance faire outfit.

Small Merchant Leather Bag - Brown

Item # HW-700906BR
Merchants making sales need a place to hold their coins and receipts. Add the Small Merchant Leather Bag in brown to your trader or banker costume. It also works for a variety of ensembles. Wear it to a faire or cosplay event.

Small Merchant Leather Bag - Black

Item # HW-700906BK
Ladies and lords carried bags to hold their treasures on their travels. Use the Small Merchant Leather Bag in black to carry your important items. This wonderful accessory works great for a faire, fantasy convention, or LARP event.

Bjorn Viking Axe with Sheath

Item # HW-700903
Bjorn Ironside was a Viking chief written about in Norse sagas as a mighty warrior. Carry a bit of his great prowess using the Bjorn Viking Axe with Sheath. This fearsome axe is a great accessory for a reenactment or medieval faire.

Viking Beard Axe with Sheath

Item # HW-700898
Bearded axes feature an extended section at the lower end of their blade, and the Viking Beard Axe with Sheath is no exception as a historical weapon. It is an ideal weapon for reenactments or as part of a polearm weaponry display.

Norse Field Axe with Sheath

Item # HW-700897
Axes were a very common weapon across Europe, especially with the Vikings. The Norse Field Axe with Sheath recreates that favorite medieval polearm. This weapon is ideal for historical reenactments and as part of a collection.

Hand Forged Spear Head

Item # HW-700892
Whether you need to replace a broken spearhead, make your own spear, or just want a functional display item, the Hand Forged Spearhead fits the bill. This battle-ready spearhead is ideal for reenactments or as part of a collection.

Short Norse Throwing Axe

Item # HW-700891
The Vikings used axes of varying sizes. The Short Norse Throwing Axe is ideal for both close combat and throwing where larger axes are not needed or desired. This axe is great for reenactments or as part of a weaponry collection.

Viking Craftsmen Axe

Item # HW-700890
Vikings were well-known for fighting with axes. The Viking Craftsman Axe is a wonderful tribute to their warrior spirit. Use this tempered blade functionally or as a martial decoration. It is ideal for controlled reenactments.

Forged Viking Axe Head

Item # HW-700888
Sometimes you need a replacement axe head for your functional weapon or one for display. The Forged Viking Axe Head is a great item for these needs. Add this axe head to your collection or use it to replace a damage Dane axe head.

Red Decorative Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700883S
The Red Decorative Horn with Stand is a drinking horn with ceremonial symbolism. Add this awesome decor item to your Viking lair or give it to a warrior friend as a cool gift. It is a unique display piece for historical events.

Hand Forged Scissors

Item # HW-700882
Scissors did not always come in two connected sections. The Hand Forged Scissors feature an older and more historical design once found across Europe. This pair of scissors is a great accessory for historical reenactments or display.

Wooden Medieval Feasting Bowl

Item # HW-700880
For soup, stew, and other liquid foods, the Wooden Medieval Feasting Bowl is a must-have. Perfect for your next medieval or Renaissance meal, this wooden bowl has a rustic feel that fits perfectly into historical and fantasy settings.

Wooden Medieval Feasting Plate

Item # HW-700878
When setting the table for your next medieval or Renaissance meal, add to the atmosphere of the event when you use the Wooden Medieval Feasting Plate. This single serving plate adds a rustic, historical touch to any dining experience.

Hand Forged Wall Mount for Sword

Item # HW-700875
The Hand Forged Wall Mount for Sword can display your favorite sword, functional or decorative, in a way that lets your sword be the highlight of your decor. This sword wall hanger has two prongs to support your sword from the hilt.

Leather Frog with Handforged Twisted Ring - Black

Item # HW-700874
Whether you are a medieval knight or a Viking warrior, the Black Leather Frog with Handforged Twisted Ring is great for keeping a weapon at your side. An ideal choice for axes, this versatile O-ring frog holds other weapons as well.

Leather Frog with Handforged Twisted Ring - Brown

Item # HW-700873
When not carrying your favorite weapon in hand, keep it close by on your belt using the Leather Frog with Handforged Twisted Ring in brown. This leather belt frog is straightforward and practical with just the right notes of style.

Warriors Woven Wide Belt

Item # HW-700872
Let everyone know you are a truly formidable foe when you step into the fray wearing the Warriors Woven Wide Belt. This leather kidney belt has a wide buckle belt at its center and two narrow black belts woven above and below.

Steel Mushroom Rivets

Item # HW-700868
One of the most notable parts of armour are the rivets holding it together. Use the Steel Mushroom Rivets to replace your broken or missing rivets. They are great for DIY projects for Renaissance faires, reenactments, and conventions.

Steel Flat Head Rivets

Item # HW-700867
Do you need to fix your armour? Use the Steel Flat Head Rivets to replace or repair any broken or missing rivets in your favorite piece of armour. They are ideal for DIY projects for historical reenactments and fantasy conventions.

Brass Mushroom Rivets

Item # HW-700866
Rivets abound in historical and LARP armour. Replace, repair, or make your own armour pieces with the Brass Mushroom Rivets. They are also great for DIY armour projects for Renaissance faires, reenactments, and fantasy conventions.

Iron Drinking Horn Stand

Item # HW-700856
When toasting your victory, you do not always want to have to hold your drinking horn. Use the Iron Drinking Horn Stand to grasp your drink for you. This horn stand is ideal for medieval banquets or for displaying a favorite horn.

Roman Finial Brooch

Item # HW-700855
For centuries cloaks and capes have been fastened with pins and brooches. The Roman Finial Brooch is ideal to hold up your toga or other ancient garments. Add it to an imperial outfit for a fantasy convention or historical cosplay.

Fighters Leather Ring Belt - Green

Item # HW-700853
When you cinch the waist of your outfit and carry your gear with the Fighters Leather Ring Belt in green, you also add a unique pop of color to your look. This green ring belt works great for both medieval and fantasy outfits.

Fighters Leather Ring Belt - Red

Item # HW-700852
Ring belts are versatile additions to the outfits of warriors, adventurers, and nobles alike. The Fighters Leather Ring Belt in red is an essential and easy to wear accessory that gives historical or fantasy looks a pop of color.

Leather Medieval Kidney Pouch - Brown

Item # HW-700850
The Leather Medieval Kidney Pouch in brown combines the rugged look of leather with a touch of finery. This medieval belt bag features a wide structure for holding small essentials, and it secures shut with a stylish brass buckle.

American Cavalry Officer's Steel Sword with Scabbard

Item # HW-700843
With stately elegance, the American Cavalry Officers Steel Sword with Scabbard is a beautiful weapon for collection and display. This military sword has a thin steel blade and an ornate brass D-guard over its black handle.

High Tensile Butted Chainmail Rings

Item # HW-700842
Do not fear if your chainmail armour or DIY project is missing a few steel rings, you can buy a packet of the High Tensile Butted Chainmail rings. They are ideal for repairing a hauberk or starting a unique chainmail accessory.

Hand Forged Cutlery Set

Item # HW-700812
Feasts were a large part of daily medieval life for the rich nobility. Eat with the Hand Forged Cutlery Set in medieval and modern culinary settings. This set of a fork, knife, and spoon is ideal for camping, reenactments and faires.

Medieval Back Baldric - Brown

Item # HW-700800
Adventurers often carry a lot on their belts. The Medieval Back Baldric in brown allows the traveler to carry a sword on their back to free up space. Add this leather harness to your LARP costume, cosplay ensemble, or faire outfit.

Celtic Cross with Knotwork Leather Journal with Lock

Item # HW-700789
Keep your words or drawings secure in the Celtic Cross with Knotwork Leather Journal with Lock. This handmade leather notebook has blank pages for you to fill, and its covers secured closed with an antique brass swing clasp.

Tree of Life Leather Journal

Item # HW-700788
The Tree of Life Leather Journal is the perfect vessel for keeping your stories, sketches, secrets, or even an everyday to-do list. This handmade leather journal features a beautiful Celtic tree design embossed on its cover.

Knightly Medieval Gauntlets

Item # HW-700779
Give your hands the defense they need in battle by wearing the Knightly Medieval Gauntlets. These articulated armour gauntlets are made of 16 gauge steel, with its plates layered on top of the fingers of a brown leather glove base.

Brass Tipped Viking Drinking Horn with Leather Holder

Item # HW-700777H
When you next embark on adventure, be sure you have a something to drink from at your side. Easily worn on a belt, the Brass Tipped Viking Drinking Horn with Leather Holder has you set for any feasting occasion that should arise.

Rollo Drinking Horn with Leather Holder

Item # HW-700776H
Fit for a jarl or renowned Viking warrior, the Rollo Drinking Horn with Leather Holder is made of natural horn and accented with bright brass at its rim and tip. This drinking horn is ideal drinkware for your next Viking feast.

Spring Steel Viking Scissors with Sheath

Item # HW-700774
Scissors may not be a modern invention, but the shape known today certainly is. The Spring Steel Viking Scissors with Sheath features a more historical form. This hand forged pair works great for reenactments or as a display item.

Round Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700768
Protecting your head in battle is essential for any medieval warrior. The Round Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Coif is perfect for upping the defense of this area, covering the head and neck with round rings of 18 gauge steel.

Round Ring Round Riveted Lorica Hamata

Item # HW-700767
March into battle in armour befitting a Roman legionnaire when you wear the Round Ring Round Riveted Lorica Hamata. This Roman chainmail shirt has a long length, short sleeves, and an attached chainmail mantle with leather trim.

Round Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon

Item # HW-700765
When suiting up for battle, chainmail armour offers impressive defense. The Round Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon is a half-sleeve chainmail tunic made of 18 gauge steel. The rings are woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern.

Childrens Double Lined Leather Ring Belt - Black

Item # HW-700762
If your young one wants to dress in a medieval, Renaissance, Viking, or fantasy style, the childrens Double Lined Leather Ring Belt in black is the perfect staple accessory for a great variety of outfits, matching nearly anything.

Carved Wolf Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700746S
Let Viking legends ring through your halls with the Carved Wolf Drinking Horn with Stand. This Viking horn is functional drinkware and striking decor.

Military Sword with Scabbard

Item # HW-700734
The Military Sword with Scabbard has stately beauty throughout, from the intricate etching on over half of its thin blade to the ornate hilt and matching scabbard. Add this military officer sword to weapon collections and displays.

Small Horn Tankard

Item # HW-700722
For your next Viking dinner or medieval feast, sip your drink from the Small Horn Tankard. This horn drinking cup adds a historical touch to any dining experience. The natural horn material gives this tankard its unique, curved shape.

Medium Horn Tankard

Item # HW-700721
Drink to the glory of Valhalla with the Medium Horn Tankard! This Viking tankard is made of natural horn, which gives its structure its distinct curved shape. Use this horn drinking cup for all manner of historical feasting.

Single Sword Stand

Item # HW-700710
When you want to show off your favorite sword, do so with style. The Single Sword Stand is a fantastic choice for displaying a single sword. This wooden sword stand has a beautiful walnut-colored finish and contoured arms on each side.

Persian Weave Chainmail Keychain

Item # HW-700693
Keep a piece of chainmail with you wherever you go with the Persian Weave Chainmail Keychain. This galvanized steel keychain is not only great for keeping your keys together, but also for accessorizing your bags and zipper pulls.

Feasting Utensils with Leather Pouch

Item # HW-700651
Be well prepared for your next medieval meal when you keep the Feasting Utensils with Leather Pouch at your side. This set includes a stainless steel knife, spoon, and fork, as well as a brown leather scabbard to carry them in.

Huginn Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700630R
Huginn was one of the ravens that brought Odin information about Midgard. Drink to the helpers of the gods using the Huginn Drinking Horn with Stand. This drinking vessel makes a great accessory for reenactments or fantasy events.

Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Mantle

Item # HW-700620
The Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Mantle is ideal for adding protection to your upper chest and shoulder area. Made of 18 gauge steel, each flat ring is wedge riveted together for strength and woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern.

Aluminum Chainmail Mantle

Item # HW-700618
When you want the look of chainmail but do not necessarily need its protection, the Aluminum Chainmail Mantle makes a great addition to any warrior outfit. This medieval mantle is riveted together and woven in a 4-in-1 pattern.

Aluminum Chainmail Voiders

Item # HW-700614
The Aluminum Chainmail Voiders are essential when creating a thoroughly armoured costume look. No knight would go without protecting the vital area where the inner upper arm and chest meet, and this pair of voiders covers that zone.

Chainmail Aventail with Dagged Edges

Item # HW-700608
Aventails are for protecting the sides of the face and part of the neck. The Chainmail Aventail with Dagged Edges is a great option for this, made of 18 gauge steel rings riveted together in a traditional 4-in-1 style.

Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700604
Armour up your ensemble with the Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Coif. Be sure to give your head and neck a layer of protection with this 18 gauge steel chainmail hood. The flat rings of this medieval coif are wedge riveted together.

Aluminum Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700602
Perfect your knightly appearance when you add the Aluminum Chainmail Coif to your outfit. Great for costume use, this medieval coif is made of aluminum, which is light does not rust, making it an ideal way to get the look of armour.

Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Lorica Hamata

Item # HW-700600
Become a Roman warrior when you wear the Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Lorica Hamata. This short sleeve Roman chainmail shirt has an attached chainmail mantle, and it is made of 18 gauge, flat steel rings that are wedge riveted together.

Flat Ring Round Riveted Lorica Hamata

Item # HW-700599
The Flat Ring Round Riveted Lorica Hamata is perfect for armouring up like an ancient Roman warrior. This chainmail shirt features short sleeves and an attached, leather-trimmed chainmail mantle with brass accents at the front.

Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Hauberk

Item # HW-700595
The Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Hauberk is a great choice for historical and fantasy warriors. Made of 18 gauge steel, it is ideal armour for light reenactment, LARP, and costume use, whether dressing as a knight or Viking.

Blackened Butted Chainmail Hauberk

Item # HW-700593BK
Whether a Viking or Crusader, a medieval soldier should not be without chainmail. The Blackened Butted Chainmail Hauberk adds an authentic appearance. Wear this knightly armoured shirt to a historical reenactment or LARP event.

Blackened Butted Chainmail Haubergeon

Item # HW-700589BK
The medieval soldier knows to protect as much of their body as they can. Wear the Blackened Butted Chainmail Haubergeon as a part of your costume. It is an ideal armour piece for outfits at LARP events or historical reenactments.

Twisted Medieval Eating Pick

Item # HW-700550
Before forks, nobles and kings used eating picks to consume meat or other foods at banquets. Feast like a royal with the Twisted Medieval Eating Pick. This eating accessory is ideal for historical reenactments or as a display item.

Battle Ready Viking Axe

Item # HW-700539
Based on weapons favored by Viking warriors, the Battle Ready Viking Axe has a straightforward design that makes it a great choice for any Norse fighter. This Viking axe has a single sided head that tapers to a wide flare.

Skadi Carved Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700523S
Recall stories of a cold north when drinking from the Skadi Carved Drinking Horn with Stand. Gently curved lines are carved all over the Viking horn.

Viking Drinking Horn with Horn Stand

Item # HW-700518
Drink to the Norse gods in Asgard using the Viking Drinking Horn with Horn Stand. Add this vessel to your next historical banquet or medieval feast. It is an ideal accessory for reenactments, Renaissance faires, or as a decoration.

Alfheim Carved Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700517S
Sip from the Alfheim Carved Drinking Horn with Stand and feel transported back to the time of Vikings. Carved crossed lines accent this Viking horn.

Riveted Chainmail Gloves

Item # HW-700515
Grasp your medieval weapon and protect your hands with the Riveted Chainmail Gloves. No warrior should be without these steel gauntlets in combat. These gloves are an ideal addition for any historical reenactment or cosplay event.

Triskelion Pendant

Item # HW-700509
One of the most common Celtic design motifs is the triskelion, which is also used commonly worldwide in various cultures. The Triskelion Pendant features this triple spiral design. Wear this understated pendant or give it as a gift.

Viking Axe Head Pendant

Item # HW-700508
Wish you could always carry a reminder of the Norse culture? The Viking Axe Head Pendant is based on one of the weapons used by those warrior people. This rustic pendant is a great accessory for everyday wear and makes a great gift.

Adjustable Sword Hanger

Item # HW-700497
Make your sword the star of your decor when you display it using the Adjustable Sword Hanger. This polished steel sword hanger mounts to your wall and has two hinged arms that adjust to grip your weapon just after the guard.

Valknut Horn Tankard

Item # HW-700496
The Valknut Horn Tankard is brimming with ancient Norse style. Made from natural horn that has been hand finished and carved with a symbol of the god Odin, this Viking tankard is perfect for your next Norse event or medieval feast.

Leather Dagger Frog - Brown

Item # HW-700489
Designed for keeping a smaller weapon closely by your side and at the ready, the Leather Dagger Frog in Brown has a sleek and narrow vertical structure. Adjustable cord lacing down the front provides a secure fit for most daggers.

Leather Dagger Frog - Black

Item # HW-700488
The Black Leather Dagger Frog is a no-fuss way to carry your weapon. This leather frog has a very slim and sleek structure, can be worn right or left handed, and has front lacing for an adjustable hold on daggers of different sizes.

Angled Medieval Sword Frog - Brown

Item # HW-700487
The Angled Medieval Sword Frog in brown keeps your sword at your side and at an angle that makes it easier to draw and carry. Highly adjustable, its front cuff has long leather lacing that will accommodate most sword scabbard sizes.

Angled Medieval Sword Frog - Black

Item # HW-700486
The Angled Medieval Sword Frog is perfect for keeping your weapon ready at your side. This medieval sword frog is made of high quality black leather and features adjustable lacing on the diagonal cuff to hold your sword in place.

Throwing Spear Head

Item # HW-700479
To reach your target from far away, sometimes you have to throw you weapon. With its long, narrow point, the Throwing Spear Head is ideal for this type of attack. This medieval spear head is forged by hand and tempered for strength.

Forged Viking Boss - Polish

Item # HW-700478P
Improve the defensive strength of your shield with the Polished Forged Viking Boss. This steel boss helps to deflect enemy blows in battle. It is a great piece for DIY projects and looks wonderful on a variety of historical shields.

Forged Viking Boss - Natural

Item # HW-700478
For those wanting to make your own shield, a boss is a great addition. Use the Forged Viking Boss with the natural finish to create historical look. Deflect enemy blows with this boss on any medieval, Viking, or fantasy shield.

Viking Forged Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700470
Cloaks and capes have been fastened with penannular brooches for centuries. The Viking Forged Penannular Brooch is based off of a design from the Viking Age. Wear this Norse brooch with pride at a reenactment or fantasy convention.

Heimdallr Knife with Sheath

Item # HW-700468
Knives were a constant companion to the Viking warriors and the people they raided. The Heimdallr Knife with Sheath recalls those universal blades. This knife features that common and historical shape. It is ideal for reenactments.

Polished Steel Shield Boss

Item # HW-700456
Up the defensiveness of your favorite shield with the Polished Steel Shield Boss. This 16 gauge steel boss has a round, raised center and a hammered texture throughout. Its polished finish makes this medieval shield piece shine.

Spiral Fluted Buckler

Item # HW-700455
Keep your guard up in battle and protect yourself with the Spiral Fluted Buckler. This round shield is made of 16 gauge steel with a riveted steel handle. Ridges on its surface spiral around between the central boss and outer edge.

Thin Roman Pilum

Item # HW-700419
Based on weapons used by soldiers in the ancient Roman army, the Thin Roman Pilum is ideal for reenactors and ancient history enthusiasts. This long javelin piece has a very narrow head and a socket for attaching to a wood shaft.

Viking Knife with Sheath

Item # HW-700418
Want a discreet knife that you can carry on a camping trip? The Viking Knife with Sheath is small enough to be strategically stored with your outdoor gear. This forged blade is ideal for camping, hunting, or other outdoor activities.

14th Century Great Helmet - Polished

Item # HW-700417
Known historically for its thorough protection, the shape of the 14th Century Great Helmet saw popular use among crusading knights. This medieval helmet has a flat, circular top, narrow eye slits, and a wide, vented lower front.

Elegant Viking Horn Stand

Item # HW-700416
The Elegant Viking Horn Stand is a stylish display for your drinking horn. Swirling lines create its shape, and it supports horns of all sizes. This handcrafted metal stand displays a darkened grey finish. A circle forms the base.

Black Horse Hair

Item # HW-700333
Create your own plume or crest for your historical helmet with this bundle of Black Horse Hair. This section of natural horse hair comes to you tightly bound together and ready to use for DIY costuming and crafting purposes.

Hammered Square Brass Buckle

Item # HW-700316
Add an extra touch of style to your historical garb with the Hammered Square Brass Buckle. Whether used for DIY or as a unique replacement, this square brass buckle has a textured surface for just the right amount of detail.

Distressed Leather Traveler Journal

Item # HW-700305
Leather journals have been used over the centuries to record important details. Use the Distressed Leather Traveler Journal to write down a journey. It is an ideal accessory for a costume and works great as a diary or sketchbook.

Forged Vintage Scissors

Item # HW-700295
The Forged Vintage Scissors are a great gift for the historian, crafter, or DIYer in your life. These beautiful scissors have a historical appearance. These cast iron scissors also make a great accent for a fantasy convention.

Brown Cat-O-Nine Tails Whip

Item # HW-700283
Leave an intimidating impression with the Brown Cat-O-Nine Tails Whip. The nine tails of this handcrafted leather whip end in knotted red tassels.

Flint Striker with Pouch

Item # HW-700277
Fires are an essential element of medieval life and modern camping. Start your fire the traditional way using the Flint Striker with Pouch. It is a wonderful accessory for historical reenactments or Renaissance faire displays.

Butted Chainmail Gauntlets

Item # HW-700276
Be sure to protect your hands the next time you find yourself in battle. The Butted Chainmail Gauntlets are made of steel over black suede leather. Chainmail covers just the top, leaving the underside unhindered for greater dexterity.

Horn Bowl

Item # HW-700270
Handmade from real, natural horn, the Horn Bowl adds an aura of historic authenticity to any meal. This medieval horn bowl is perfect for dining at a Renaissance event or for setting the table at your next medieval get-together.

Knights Steel Pauldrons - Polished

Item # HW-700263
Shield your shoulders from enemy blows in battle with the Knights Steel Pauldrons. Plate armour worthy of a medieval warrior, these shoulder guards have a rounded, layered style and are made of 16 gauge steel with a polished finish.

Brass Banded Drinking Horn With Stand

Item # HW-700204R
The Brass Banded Drinking Horn With Stand brings splendor to any dining hall. This natural Viking horn is accented with brilliant bands of brass.

Tan Leather Horsewhip

Item # HW-700196
Whips have been used throughout history, even the Romans carried them. The Tan Leather Horsewhip is a great accessory for any costume or wonderful as a display piece. Wear this historical item to a fantasy convention or cosplay event.

Two Tone Leather Bullwhip

Item # HW-700195
Whether you want to be an adventurer or a rough and tough cowboy, no costume is complete without the right accessories. The Two Tone Leather Bullwhip is a great addition to a fantasy ensemble. It is ideal for conventions and cosplay.

Gothic Knight Helmet - Polished

Item # HW-700185
The Gothic Knight Helmet truly befits a medieval warrior. A fleur cross is riveted across the front, from crown to chin and under the eye slits. This closed steel helmet provides excellent protection as well as superb medieval style.

Wooden Stand for Lorica Segmentata

Item # HW-700172
The Wooden Stand for Lorica Segmentata is perfect for displaying your Roman armour, and it can be used for other armour types as well. This versatile armour stand is made of mango wood and has a rich, darkened finish throughout.

Hand Forged Serving Fork

Item # HW-700148
Cooking over fire is a ritual that has existed since the beginning of human history. The Hand Forged Serving Fork helps to carry on that tradition. Use this fork in modern or medieval culinary settings, whether indoors or outside.

German Sallet Helmet - Polished

Item # HW-700024
The Polished German Sallet Helmet takes inspiration from a late medieval helmet style known for the extended plates at the back designed to protect the neck. This medieval sallet has a polished gleam to its mild steel construction.

Visored Barbuta Helmet - Polished

Item # HW-700020
Made of mild steel in your choice of 16 or 18 gauge, the Polished Visored Barbuta Helmet provides a knightly look as well as excellent face protection. This medieval helmet has an articulated visor with a cross cut-out over the cheek.