Miniature Figurines

Ideal for collecting and displaying in the smallest of places, our miniature figurines are fun and minute pieces of history. We offer a wide range of miniature figurines and miniature figure sets that are based on historical eras ranging from the days of Ancient Rome and Greece to the Renaissance and the Tudors. Check out all our miniature medieval soldiers and jousting knights here, as well as mini gladiator packs, miniature Celtic boars, miniature Viking figures, and mini Scottish soldiers. Many of these miniatures have impressive details and are made of lead-free pewter, making them great additions to collections, delightful accents to decor, and thoughtful gifts.
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Roman Gladiator Miniature Figurine 4 Pack

Item # WR-GP4
The set of four mini Gladiator figures includes a Secutor, a Retiarius, a Thracian, and a Samnite, each specializing in different weapons and tactics. Each detailed figure is approximately 1.6 inches tall and made from lead-free pewter.

Saxon King Figure

Item # WR-NP1SK
One look at this Saxon King Figure will tell you that even in the 7th century, a Saxon king was as much a warrior as a ruler. This impressive figurine comes in a colorful box that depicts all four collectibles on the reverse.
$5.00 $4.50

Set Of 4 Celtic Warriors

Item # WR-CELT4
This impressive Set of 4 Celtic Warriors contains a veritable tribe of impressive looking warriors. Together, these figurines are sealed up in a full-color box that features decorative images on the front and historical data on the back.

Set Of 4 Greek Warriors

Item # WR-GWP4
This Set of 4 Greek Warriors includes the four most common types of Greek warriors who would have fought in the ancient world. This set includes four warriors, sealed onto a blister card, which features historical info on the back.

Set Of 4 Roman Warriors

Item # WR-RP4
This Set of 4 Roman Figures contains four of the most prominent military figures that were found during the Roman era. All four figures are contained in one full-colored box, the back of which features interesting facts about the Romans.

Set Of 4 Viking Warriors

Item # WR-VP4
Each of the figurines included in this Set of 4 Viking Warriors is an impressive Viking that does its ancestors proud. This set comes in its own acetate box which features a colorful insert that relates information about the Vikings.

Set Of Five Knights

Item # WR-KP5
Knights underwent many changes over the centuries, and this Set of Five Knights demonstrates some of the changes visually. This set includes five knights, all packaged in a single, full-color box complete with historical info.
$14.00 $12.60

Set of Five Scottish Figures

Item # WR-SP5
Included within this Set of Five Scottish Figures is one of each figure from the Scottish Military Figures collection. Included with these figures is a full-color box, complete with an Edinburg tartan banner and historical facts.
$14.00 $12.60

Set Of Four Pirate Figures

Item # WR-PP4
Contained within this Set Of Four Pirate Figures are some of the most notorious scoundrels to ever sail the seven seas. These all-metal statuettes come in a clam shell package, which features historical information about each pirate.

Set Of Four Tudor Figures

Item # WR-TP4
Each of the figures depicted in this Set of Four Tudor Figures lived and flourished during the Tudor Age (1485 and 1603). These figurines come in a full-colored box, which features historical information on the back and the inside flap.

Shakespeare Figure

Item # WR-TP1S
This all-metal figurine is the Shakespeare Figure, which depicts one of the most well-known playwrights of all times. The statue comes attached to a colorful card, which features information about the four figures in this series.

Single Gladiator Figure

Item # WR-GP1
This impressive Single Gladiator Figure depicts one of four different gladiators, all of whom specialized in different weapons and tactics. Each figurine also includes an information card with impressive gladiatorial images on the front.