Military Knives

While blades may be overshadowed in the media nowadays by high-powered assault rifles and explosives, the military still knows the value of a good tactical knife. We carry an excellent selection of military knives that are ideal for collectors and outdoorsmen. Our inventory includes distinctive military tantos, military spear point knives, military Bowies, trench knives, military bayonets, military machetes, and military daggers, among others. Certain of these commando knives and field knives show off camouflage prints on their handles, while others come in matte black or traditional hues. Hunters, hikers, and survivalists will all be able to find plenty of uses for these eminently functional knives.
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Ka-Bar Style Combat Knife

Item # ZS-211158
The Ka-Bar has earned a reputation as a fine knife thanks to it being the number 1 choice of the U.S. Marine Corps, and this Ka-Bar Style Combat Knife recreates that iconic style so that anyone can wield a good military knife.
$27.50 $24.75

Leatherneck Tanto by Cold Steel

Item # 07-39LSFT
Named after leatherneck marines, who have long-since abandoned their leather collars, this Leatherneck Tanto as knife for any soldier. With its tanto blade hollow ground to perfection, this knife is a sharp enough to cut almost anything.
$112.00 $100.80

Leatherneck Tanto Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-39LSFCT
The Leatherneck Tanto Knife features a distinct blade style that has proven popular with armed forces personnel. It has an American tanto blade with a stout reinforced tip for added strength and is made from tough D2 tool steel.
$115.00 $92.00

Leatherneck-SF Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-39LSF
The Leatherneck-SF (for Semper-Fi) features a razor sharp clip point blade. It is flat ground from top to bottom, creating a shallow V shaped cross section that has proven ideal for cutting through a wide variety of materials.
$112.00 $100.80

Leatherneck-SF Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-39LSFC
Featuring iconic style that is proven to be trendy with military personnel, the Leatherneck-SF Knife has a superb saber ground clip point blade made from tough D2 tool steel, which is finished with a non reflective diamond like coat.
$115.00 $92.00

M1 Bayonet Knife

Item # ZS-210933
Nothing beats a military knife when you need to survive. This M1 Bayonet Knife is based on the bayonet issued to soldiers during World War II, and it serves as effectively today as a combat knife as it did all those years ago.
$45.50 $40.95

M1905 Bayonet Knife

Item # ZS-926826
A bit of military style has never hurt, because, after all, if it was good enough for a soldier, it is likely good enough for everyone else! This M1905 Bayonet Knife is a recreation of a WWI bayonet that serves just as well today.
$51.00 $45.90

Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie

Item # UC2863
The Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie is ready to face any mission, as its proud etching proclaims. Written on the AUS-6 stainless steel blade are the words Anything, Anytime, and Anywhere. This tactical knife is ready and at your service.

Micro Recon 1 Spear Point Folder by Cold Steel

Item # 07-27TDS
The Micro Recon 1 Spear Point Folder is a fantastic tool to have on hand for everyday situations. Popular among military and law enforcement, this tactical folding knife has a lightweight, sleek design and is built tough as nails.
$41.00 $32.80

Micro Recon 1 Tanto Point Folder by Cold Steel

Item # 07-27TDT
The Micro Recon 1 Tanto Folder is popular among military and law enforcement, and is a great tool to have on hand for everyday situations. This tactical folding knife is sleek and stylish, built with toughness and reliability in mind.
$41.00 $32.80

Military Combat Knife

Item # NP-S-3023
Go into survival mode and master the great outdoors with the Military Combat Knife. No matter the situation or setting, this tactical blade assists its wielder in completing the various tasks and projects that are sure to arise.

Recon 1 Clip Point Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-27TLCC
A terrific choice for a tactical mission, the Recon 1 Clip Point Knife is built tough as a tank and has tremendous cutting capabilities. This tactical folder features an alloy steel blade with DLC for remarkable resistance to wear.
$170.00 $136.00