Metal Shields

It has sometimes been said that the best defense is a good offense. This may be true, but nothing defends quite like a good shield, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury carries a huge assortment of different medieval shields, ensuring that a warrior can not only have a good offense, but also a solid defense in the form of a great shield. The metal shield is an iconic and important part of not just the medieval era, but many others as well! And do not let the name fool you, as this section contains more than just classic medieval shields. In fact, you will find shields from many eras here, and some of them are functional shields while others are decorative shields. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, ranging from small Scottish targes to large Roman scutum. We have knightly shields, kite shields, and heater shields for the intrepid medieval warrior, as well as round shields for the Vikings and Greek warriors who might want something a bit more traditional for the older eras. Some are painted and feature stunning designs, while others are blank, allowing for you to make your own heraldry! There is no better place to stay safe from harm than behind a wall. When you march into battle carrying one of Dark Knight Armourys fine metal medieval shields, you are carrying just that - a portable, light-weight wall that will give you a great defense that you can bring to bear right when you need it.
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15th Century Round Shield

Item # ME-0141
A beautiful representation of a medieval era shield called a targe, the 15th Century Round Shield is an exquisite decoration that is perfect for displaying your interest in the various equipment used in medieval warfare.

Antique Copper Shield Boss

Item # HW-700068
The Antique Copper Shield Boss adds extra defense and historical style to reenactment and prop shields. The round boss has a raised center surrounded by a wide edge with small round cut-outs for easier attaching to your shield.

Archers Buckler Shield

Item # AH-3991
The buckler was designed to be a companion that a warrior would use in melee combat. Thus, this Archers Buckler Shield is the perfect shield for an archer, who would only use their shield when they entered into close quarters combat.

Black Prince Shield

Item # AA806
Edward of Woodstock, known as the Black Prince, was the eldest son of King Edward III of England, and father to King Richard II of England. Crafted in Toledo, Spain, the shield is made in burnished steel with bronzed embossing.

Boar Steel Battle Shield

Item # S134
The Boar steel battle shield measures 18 inches across and 24 inches high. This SCA shield is constructed of 16 gauge steel and has a curved shape which represents a classic heater medieval style shield.

Brass Riveted Buckler

Item # AH-4353
The buckler is one of the smallest shields favored by warriors in the medieval and renaissance era, but size hardly makes it less effective. With its construction, this Brass Riveted Buckler stands alone as a defensive implement.

Brass Shield Boss

Item # HW-700070
Accent your shield with the Brass Shield Boss for historical style and defensive capability. This round shield boss has a raised center for better deflecting blows. Holes dot the wide rim for more easily attaching to a larger shield.

Brass Villanovan Shield

Item # AH-3990
Modeled after a ceremonial shield that was dated back to 7th century B.C., the Brass Villanovan Shield is a beautiful recreation of an antique shield that features an immense array of attractive and impressive embossed designs.

Campbell Steel Battle Shield

Item # S143
The Campbell steel battle shields available in either a wall display version with a chain to hang it or a hand held, battle-ready version with heavy duty, 1.5-inch leather straps on the back. It is great for battle and reenactment.

Castle Shield by Marto

Item # MA-962S
The Castle Shield by Marto is an absolutely beautiful shield featuring the intricate design of a castle on its front, as well as an astonishingly solid build of steel and gold-plated rivets. It is a great piece of medieval decor.

Charlemagne Shield

Item # AA805
This full sized shield by Armaduras bears the Fleur-de-Lys crest of Charlemagne, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, mounted over the blue cross of Lorraine. Crafted in Spain, the shield is made in burnished steel with bronzed embossing.

Charlemagne Steel Battle Shield

Item # S149
Prove yourself a worthy knight under Charles the Great with the Charlemagne Steel Battle Shield in hand. Constructed from strong and durable 16-gauge steel, this historical reenactment shield raises your defense on the SCA battlefield.