Metal Leg Armor

Are you looking for some leg armor to wear when you head onto the field of battle? Well, look no further than at Dark Knight Armoury, because we offer a wide selection of metal leg armor that will keep your legs as defended as you desire! Not only will it keep you protected, but our various styles of leg armor will also make you look that much more like a true medieval warrior. Historically, leg armor came in various shapes and forms, and we endeavor to provide historical accuracy here, so we offer various styles as well. Greaves and tassets are among the most basic forms, as greaves are worn on the lower leg and provide a modicum of protection, although they are also quite light in weight, which means you will not tire yourself out wearing them. Tassets, on the other hand, are worn about the waist like a belt and help to protect your upper legs and thighs. Full leg armor is a bit weightier but also a lot more protective, as it encloses the leg almost completely, making it much harder to strike decisively. Much of our metal leg armor is crafted from either 18 gauge steel or 16 gauge steel, which makes it perfect for use in SCA, reenactments, and LARP battles, as well as for use as casual costume pieces that really make you look like the most powerful warrior around. And because of its great, yet simple look, much of our leg armor will fit into virtually any theme imaginable, so you are free to wear it when and how you want! If you are looking to defend your legs and lower body with some knightly armor, then why not take a brief visit to the metal leg armor section at Dark Knight Armoury? You are bound to find something that will do just the trick.
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Greek Archaic Brass Greaves

Item # AH-6121
A greave is a piece of armor that protects the leg. These Greek Archaic Brass Greaves are modeled after the simple, functional greaves that were favored by Greek hoplites, being folded metal that protect the front of the leg.

Greek Warrior Greaves

Item # AH-6140
Every part of your body is vital during a battle, so make sure every part of your body is protected from the strike of a sword. Keeping your legs safe, the Greek Warrior Greaves are pieces of armor fit for a Spartan champion.

Imperial Faulds and Tassets

Item # MCI-3092
A blow to the hip or upper thigh might not be lethal, but it can be enough to put you off balance, leaving you vulnerable to another attack. The Imperial Faulds and Tassets help to prevent this potentially fatal occurrence.

Imperial Floating Knee - Epic Dark Finish

Item # MCI-3110
Make sure you are not brought to your knees in battle by adding this high quality knee protection to your gear! With a pair of the Imperial Floating Knee - Epic Dark Finish, you can protect a vulnerable and exposed body part.

Imperial Floating Knee - Steel Finish

Item # MCI-3109
Make sure you are not brought to your knees in battle by adding this high quality knee protection to your gear! With a pair of the Imperial Floating Knee - Steel Finish, you can effectively protect a vulnerable and exposed body part.

Kaspar Blackened Tassets

Item # MY100632
Confident in both your mobility and defense, you bring terror to the battlefield when you are protected by the Kaspar Blackened Tassets. Handcrafted from high-quality steel, the layered plates of each tasset move with your movements.

Kaspar Steel Tassets

Item # MY100631
When it comes to combat, protection is a must. But so is mobility! Add both to your armour with the Kaspar Steel Tassets. Each tassets steel plates are securely, yet flexibly layered together, so that the armour moves with your body.

Kings Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-2605
Nothing knocks you off your feet like a swift kick to the shins. Make it harder for your opponent to do so with the Kings Steel Greaves. Handmade and welded for increased strength and durability, this set is perfect for LARP combat.

Knights Plated Leg Protection

Item # AH-4388
If you plan on putting together your own armor, this Knights Plated Leg Protection is a good way to go as far as keeping your legs safe. Not only does it offer good defense, but it also opens a world of versatility for your armored look.

Lena Steel Tasset Belt

Item # MY100226
Invaders dare to tread upon our northern borders. Gather the other women, and prepare to slay these trespassers. Show them no mercy. Let them fear your fierce Amazon spirit with the Lena Steel Tasset Belt adorning your waist.

Medieval Closed Greaves

Item # MH-A0919
The Medieval Closed Greaves consist of shin and calf plates, offering great protection to the lower leg of the wearer. The steel greaves are connected with hinges on the outer sides and fastened with leather straps and brass buckles.

Medieval Sabatons

Item # MHR-A0915
Ideal for LARPing and re-enactments, The Medieval Sabatons feature a design inspired by the steel foot armour of the Middle Ages, crafted with lateral hinges and several metal layers to provide maximum flexibility when fighting.