Metal Gorgets

A gorget is more than just a typical piece of armor that protects your neck. In fact, they are that, and so much more. Any one of the steel gorgets you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury will not only protect your neck, collar bone, and shoulders, but they are also made for helping you wear other pieces of armor, as well! Most of our gorgets are crafted from 16 gauge steel or 18 gauge steel, which makes them perfect for use in combat and reenactments of all sorts, ranging from harmless LARP battles to SCA reenactments. Contact your local chapter first, as regulations can vary from place to place. Many of our gorgets also feature additional leather buckles and straps that will attach the gorget to a pair of pauldrons, which only adds to your ability to wear a suit of metal armor. We also offer bevors, which are like gorgets that extend up over the neck and lower face, and other wearable neck guards in various metals, which are perfect for adding that extra bit of safety to your person when you head into battle. We also offer gorgets in smaller and larger sizes, ensuring that large warriors and children alike can all join in the fun of a good medieval reenactment! If you are planning on wearing pauldrons with your armor, you might want to invest in a gorget, although even if you are not, a steel gorget from Dark Knight Armoury is still a great addition to have, as it completes your armoured look nicely and will also provide that added bit of protection right around a particularly vulnerable area.
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14th Century Gothic Gorget

Item # DS-1712

Not all warriors want something showy and flashy when it comes to their armor and their protection. Sometimes, raw steel is all that is wanted. If that is the case, this 14th Century Gothic Gorget blends fine lines with fine protection.


15th Century Articulated Gorget

Item # MH-A0906
The 15th Century Articulated Gorget shows the logical evolution in armour development from the bascinet with aventail to a sallet helm with gorget. This steel gorget matches the style of European armour from 1480 to 1500.

16th Century Gorget

Item # MH-A0788A
An effective method of protection, medieval gorgets were used extensively for guarding the neck region. The 16th Century Gorget features a protruding neck ring and a wide collar marked with decorative round bumps around the edges.

16th Century Neckless Gorget

Item # MH-A0788C
An effective method of protection in battle, medieval gorgets were used extensively for guarding the neck region. The 16th Century Neckless Gorget features a wide collar marked with decorative round bumps around the edges.

Blackened Adam Gorget

Item # MY100049
The Blackened Adam Gorget offers excellent protection to your neck with its sturdy construction. The Adam-style armour features stiff corrugated detailing along the outer rims, adding classic style and stability to the design.

Blackened Balthasar Gorget

Item # MY100051
The Blackened Balthasar Gorget is a stylish piece of neck armour, its elegant lines and riveted detailing along the edges helping it to stand out. The steel gorget features a dark metal finish that suits warlords and rogues.

Blackened Georg Gorget

Item # MY100734
You have the cuirass, the helmet, and the spaulders, and yet your armour still feels incomplete. Do not forget to cover your neck! The Blackened Georg Gorget makes the perfect piece that is sure to complete your armoured ensemble.

Blackened Gustav Gorget

Item # MY100296
Gorgets are plate armour made to protect the neck, and our Blackened Gustav Gorget does its job with versatile style. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, this high-quality piece makes a great addition to any suit of plate armour.

Blackened Markward Gorget

Item # MY100055
The Blackened Markward Gorget stands out due to its construction from three metal pieces rather than the typical two-part design. The steel gorget shows off a great look with curved sides and a dark metal finish.

Blackened Mina Gorget

Item # MY100059
The Blackened Mina Gorget makes a good option for warrior princesses, shieldmaidens, and lady knights heading to battle. The steel gorget displays a dark metal finish that looks great with the decorative rivets that frame the piece.

Brass Gladiator Neck Guard

Item # AH-6222B
Gladiators typically did not wear a lot of armor, as it tended to make the fight more risky and therefore, more exciting. Many gladiators went into battle wearing minimal armor, including something like this Brass Gladiator Neck Guard.

Childs Dark Warrior Gorget

Item # MCI-2537
When piecing together armour for a LARP character, whether young or old, the medieval fighter should never be without protection for the lower neck. The Childs Dark Warrior Gorget is a worthy choice for a young knight or battlemage.