Metal Body Armor

One of the most iconic things for a warrior to wear in the Middle Ages was the suit of armor, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we are proud to offer pieces of metal body armor for the modern-day warrior to wear! Our metal plate armor is hardy and rugged, possessing a great look as well as a strength that will keep you safe from sword-blows and spear-thrusts. Contrary to typical belief, plate armor was not the invention of the Middle Ages, but rather, had early predecessors in the years of Roman rule, when armor like their lorica segmentas were popular. These pieces of plate armor fell into disuse for a time, although eventually, during the Late Middle Ages, plate armor again became more common. It was particularly favored by knights and mounted cavalry, although infantry and ground units wore it as well. Plate armor was also very common among the nobility, who enjoyed rich, decorative suits of armor that showed off as much status as they did protect their wearer. The more common pieces of plate armour were the breastplate or the chest plate, which offered protection to the front of the chest. Paired with a good back plate, which would cover your back, this style of armor kept your torso virtually safe from direct harm. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer many different styles of breastplates and back plates, allowing you to craft your own armored look to suit your needs, while we also offer cuirasses and harnesses, which include both pieces, to provide the total protection that you desire. And the best part is that our metal body armor is great for a variety of uses, ensuring that you can use it for SCA, though we recommend checking your local rules and regulations, for LARP, for fairs, for costuming, or for whatever else you have in mind!
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Steel Markward Cuirass

Item # MY100044
Displaying excellent craftsmanship, the Steel Markward Cuirass consists of a breastplate and backplate connected with leather straps. Rivets add detail to the front and back, matching the bright metal finish of the plate armour.

Steel Mina Chest Armour

Item # MY100040
Tailored to the female form, the Steel Mina Chest Armour offers a great look for shieldmaidens, lady knights, and warrior princesses. The steel armour features a bright metal finish and decorative rivets along the edges.

Steel Muscle Cuirass

Item # NP-V-80704
This Steel Muscle Cuirass is a replication based off armour first worn by the Greek hoplite. In common Greek and Roman art, this style of cuirass is worn by generals, emperors, and other high ranking and influential society members.

Steel Ratio Lamellar Armour

Item # MCI-3076
Guard yourself from the blows of the enemy with this excellent LARP breastplate! The Steel Ratio Lamellar Armour covers your torso with overlapping metal panels that give the armor a scaled or patterned appearance.

Steel Vladimir Cuirass

Item # MY100046
Protect the core of your body when you head into battle with the help of excellent plate armour like the Steel Vladimir Cuirass! The steel cuirass is composed of multiple flexible segments showing a bright metal finish.

Tri-Disc Armor and Belt

Item # AH-6088B
Full-body plate was typically custom-made for individuals, which made armors like the Tri-Disc Armor and Belt all the more common. This armor features a breastplate secured with bands around the torso, as well as a belt and backplate.

Lorica Segmentata

Item # AH-3851
The Lorica Segmentata is the armor that is typically pictured whenever the common person pictures a Roman soldier. This armor features a look that is every-bit as protective as a series of interlocked metal plates appears.

Stainless Steel Lorica Segmentata

Item # AH-3851S
The Stainless Steel Lorica Segmentata is the armor that is pictured whenever the common person pictures a Roman soldier. This armor features an impressive look that is every-bit as protective as a series of metal plates appears.

15th Century Foot Soldier Half Armour

Item # AH-3896N
As weapons of the middle ages became more advanced and armor became more common, armies began fielding soldiers that wore this 15th Century Foot Soldier Half Armour, instead of the once-typical padded and chainmail protections.