Metal Arm Armor

Given how important your arms are in a fight, it makes sense to keep them fully protected. The metal arm armor found here at Dark Knight Armoury works wonders for keeping your arm protected, ensuring that no matter what weapon comes hurtling your way, your arms will be safe and secure behind several different pieces of plate armor. Arm armor comes in several different styles, and it falls to each individual warrior to determine what arm armor is best suited for them. Bracers typically offer the least amount of protection and are light, making them easier to wear. Next up are gauntlets, which cover part of the forearm, the wrist, and the hand, including the fingers. Pairing a gauntlet with a set of functional full arm armor provides some of the greatest protection, securing almost the whole arm behind layers of protective steel. And of course, pauldrons keep your shoulders safe and can be worn with virtually any of the above pieces. All of our metal plate armor at Dark Knight Armoury is crafted from steel and is of the highest quality, being crafted from either 16 or 18 gauge durable steel that is suited for use in both LARP battles and in SCA events. Of course, you can also choose to wear it because it looks cool, making it great gear to wear when you are concerned with your appearance for something like a theater production or a stage appearance. Want to keep your arms safe? Then take a gander through our metal arm armor section and see what catches your fancy.
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Steel Splint Spaulders

Item # MCI-3494
Rounded to better absorb strikes to the shoulders, the Steel Splint Spaulders are perfect for adding protection to a medieval outfits while creating a knightly look. The scalloped upper edge is accented with a leather underlayer.

Steel Vambraces

Item # 300348
This pair of Steel Vambraces will go with a large range of period outfits and weapons. They are nicely formed and lined with leather, designed to be worn on the lower arm. Straps on the inner arm adjust so it will fit almost anyone.

Steel Vladimir Bracers

Item # MY100012
Offering a practical design that looks quite striking, the Steel Vladimir Bracers are ideal for your next LARP battle. The steel bracers are composed of multiple curved metal segments including integrated hand and elbow pieces.

Steel Vladimir Spaulders

Item # MY100077
Perfect for dressing up as a medieval champion at your next LARP battle, the Steel Vladimir Spaulders feature a bright metal finish and a broad shape that accentuates the impressive appearance of your whole suit of plate armour.

Steel Warrior Arm Bracers

Item # MCI-2580
The Steel Warrior Arm Bracers have a simple, yet appealing design. They feature a smooth steel finish with studs along the top and bottom edges. The Steel Warrior Arm Bracers are crafted from 18 gauge steel and are sold as a pair.

Viking Arm Protection

Item # MCI-3143
While the Viking Arm Protection may appear fragile at first glance, do not be fooled! The ancient splint armour can be worn over leather or clothing with the vertical steel strips providing excellent protection to your forearms.

Warrior Pauldrons

Item # MCI-2551
Our Warrior Pauldrons are crafted from 18 gauge steel. The Warrior armour features a simple row of studs along the edges. The Warrior Pauldrons have a large shoulder plate and four smaller lames that protect the upper arm.

Warriors Steel Elbow Guards

Item # AH-6028
When it comes to plate armor, even the joints are deserving of good protection. These Warriors Steel Elbow Guards are a point of protection that allows you to move your arm and use your elbow, while encasing it in a layer of steel.

Articulated Steel Gauntlets

Item # AB3943
In many ways, a warriors hands are their lifeblood. They will live and die by how effective their hands wield weapons in battle. With these Articulated Steel Gauntlets, your hands will be well protected, so they can continue to protect you.