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Mermaid Statues & Collectibles

If some fantasy tales are to be believed, a whole new world lies beneath the ocean waves. You need not journey to the sea to witness this realm, though. Simply dive into our selection of mermaid statues and collectibles! Witness the magic and the fantasy of these aquatic myths and legends through the collectible mermaid statues and mermaid home decor found here. This section is dedicated to all the undersea dwellers we have, ranging from slight twists on the typical mermaid myth to more iconic images of undersea beauty. Our mermaid statues are all made from quality materials, ranging from fine resins and polystone to cast bronze resins and metals. Some even show the mermaids as they commune with other elements, including mermaids alongside sea dragons, dolphins, and even alongside humans! We do not just offer mermaid statues and sculptures, though. We also offer an array of other mermaid home decor pieces, like trinket boxes, candle holders, trays, stands, plaques, mirrors, and beyond. We even have some mermaid bags available! No matter the style of mermaid item you need, you are sure to find a mermaid statue or collectible here that will perfectly bring a touch of undersea fantasy to your decor.
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Bathtime by Selina Fenech

Item # WU-1790
Even mermaids enjoy pampering themselves! Reclining in a floral claw foot tub surrounded by pillar candles, this coppery mermaid is the embodiment of bliss. Bathtime by Selina Fenech is a decadent addition to any fantasy collection.

Be A Mermaid Magnet

Item # ND-94070
Keep the dream alive when you decorate any metallic surface with our inspiring Be A Mermaid Magnet. This magnet has a silhouette of a mermaid wading through the ocean above the words, Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Mermaid.

Bronze Enchanted Song Mermaid Statue

Item # WU-1812
Somewhere beneath the waves, a mermaid offers her song to the sea. The Bronze Enchanted Song Mermaid Statue depicts an aquatic maiden sitting serenely on the ocean floor. Hand painting reveals the beautiful detail of this collectible.

Bronze Impossible Love by Selina Fenech

Item # WU-1607
Frozen in a tender embrace, this pair is a mythical counterpart to the doomed love of Romeo and Juliet. This Bronze Impossible Love by Selina Fenech displays an angel and a mermaid sharing an intimate moment above the ocean waves.

Bronze On the Rocks Mermaid Statue

Item # SC8395
Often confused with sirens, mermaids display a similar half-woman, half-fish appearance but lack the femme fatale reputation of their mythological cousins. The Bronze On the Rocks Mermaid Statue depicts a mermaid seated on a rock.

Bronze Sunbathing Mermaid

Item # WU-1667
Everyone loves relaxing on the warm sand, the waves gently tumbling the rocks and shells at the waters edge. Taking a break from the cold deep waters of the sea, this Bronze Sunbathing Mermaid enjoys the sun and surf of a summer day.

Bronzed Mermaid Incense Burner

Item # SC9000
Sunning herself in hopes of attracting the attention of a passing ship, this mermaid enjoys the sound of the waves lapping around her rock. The Bronzed Mermaid Incense Burner makes a stunning fantasy collectible for mermaid lovers.

Bronzed Mermaid Trinket Box

Item # SC8394
Compelled by impetuous curiosity, mermaids explore the deep oceans where the remains of shipwrecks lie. The Bronzed Mermaid Trinket Box depicts a mermaid posed on a starfish and barnacle-encrusted treasure chest.

Celestia Mermaid Hand Mirror

Item # SC7436
For the perfect gift for any mermaid lover, check out the Celestia Mermaid Hand Mirror. A beautiful mermaid surrounded by seahorses, coral, and a large seashell decorates the back of this finely detailed, cold cast resin mirror.

Coral Reef Mermaid Statue

Item # SC9019
Bring the magic of the ocean into your own home with the Coral Reef Mermaid Statue. Rendered out of cold cast bronze in high detail, the demure mermaid depicted in this fantasy statue is situated on a seat of coral.

Dancing Mermaid Statue

Item # CC12177
There is something about water that moves the body better. Perhaps that is why the best dances are described as fluid. The Dancing Mermaid Statue takes one moment of a gorgeous submarine waltz and freezes it for you to place on a shelf.

Deep Sea Pals Statue

Item # SI-80238
The deep reaches of the ocean hide away many mysterious creatures. The Deep Sea Pals Statue displays a gorgeous mermaid swimming with her sea turtle friend among the sea grass in this unique piece of home decor.