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Men's Pirate Clothing

Dress the part of a true swashbuckler with our mens pirate clothing. Here you will find all the clothing items you need to perfect the look of a pirate. Whether your pirate persona is devious or dashing is up to you! Start your outfit with a pirate shirt and pirate breeches or pants. We offer mens pirate shirts in a variety of styles and fabrics, including ruffled sleeve pirate shirts, satin pirate shirts, and essential lace-up pirate shirts. Then add a pirate vest and pirate coat to your look to create the look of a pirate captain. A lot of our pirate clothing also overlaps to traditional medieval or Renaissance styles! No matter the manner of buccaneer you are, be sure to shop our mens pirate clothing for your next pirate festival, theatrical performance, reenactment event, or Renaissance fair.
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Admiral Norrington Coat

Item # DC1370
An admiral is a person of authority, on sea as well as on land. His fashion should complement the power and responsibility of his position. The Admiral Norrington Coat has been designed to ensure a commanding presence.

Admiral Norrington Vest

Item # DC1371
A historical admirals outfit is incomplete without his naval officers coat and vest. The Admiral Norrington Vest serves as an essential piece of an admirals wardrobe and has been designed to ensure a commanding presence aboard ship.

Alex Cotton Shirt

Item # MY100426
With its historical appearance and comfortable fit, the Alex Cotton Shirt is perfect for an engaging stroll through the Middle Ages, whether for an epic adventure in a land of high fantasy, or for reenactment at a renaissance faire.

Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets

Item # MY100705
If you want a classic medieval shirt that looks authentic and easy to put on, look no further than the Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets! This high fantasy shirt is perfect in both the medieval world and the realms of fantasy roleplay!

Ataman Canvas Trousers

Item # MY100870
Whether you are ready to listen to Scheherazade or fight at sea, the Ataman Canvas trousers are ideal for an outfit at a reenactment or LARP event. These flowing trousers are great for the next desert caravan or oceanic adventure.

Ataman Linen Trousers

Item # MY100871
A voyager looking to pack their gear needs to make sure that they have the right clothing. Add the Ataman Linen Trousers to your luggage closet. They are great for the LARPer or reenactor looking to enhance their fantasy wardrobe.

Barbary Coast Coat

Item # 101757
No matter if you are sailing in the name of the crown or personal riches, any sailing captain looks impressive while wearing the Barbary Coast Coat. This outerwear is a great choice for a LARPing, cosplay, or a theatrical production.

Barbary Coast Vest

Item # 101758
Admirals and other wealthy individuals from the golden age of piracy would look great in the Barbary Coast Vest. It works for a variety of characters and genres. This vest looks awesome for LARP or fantasy events, faires, and cosplay.

Basic Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-2357
There are a few basic essentials when it comes to putting together an outfit from any era, be it gothic, medieval, renaissance, or fantasy. Pants tend to be one of them, and these Basic Medieval Pants are virtually universal.

Basic Pirate Shirt

Item # MCI-274
It is not difficult to see why the Basic Pirate Shirt is so popular a design. This loose-fitting shirt is made from natural cotton and fits quite comfortably, while still offering the wide range of movement key to any pirates success.

Bastian Linen Shirt

Item # MY100434
Do not let the heat of summer prevent you from the adventure offered by a LARP kingdom or a renaissance fair. The Bastian Linen Shirt impresses not only with its authentic look, but also with its cooling and sweat-absorbing properties.

Bastian Shirt

Item # MY100105
Made from light cotton fabric, the Bastian Shirt makes an excellent piece of medieval apparel for warm days at the Renaissance fair. The period shirt features a wide cut with a subtly ruffled open collar that laces at the neck.