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Men's Peasant Clothing

Not everyone in the Middle Ages was royalty. Most people were peasants. But that does not mean their roles were not important. As peasants made up a massive part of medieval society, their livelihoods and character types were quite diverse. We carry a wide range of styles here in our mens peasant clothing section, and much of it is versatile enough to work for most any look. Shop peasant tunics, lace-up shirts, canvas peasant jerkins, and mens peasant pants here that can help form the base of an incredible range of medieval, Renaissance, or even fantasy looks. Shop here for all our mens historical clothing fit for medieval peasants.
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Kievan Rus Viking Pants

Item # BG-1015
The Kievan Rus was a medieval conglomerate of Slavic territories and peoples that spanned much of Eastern Europe. It is from these people that many Vikings traced their ancestry. The Kievan Rus Pants replicate the garb of these peoples.

Kilian Canvas Short Trousers

Item # MY100101
Offering an excellent alternative to full-length period pants, the Kilian Canvas Short Trousers end just below the knee. The design of the medieval shorts looks fantastic when paired with tall socks or riding boots.

Kim Canvas Short Cloak

Item # MY100150
A striking design for characters who need something a little bit different, the Kim Canvas Short Cloak features a high-low design that drapes longer in the back. The medieval cloak includes a hood to help protect against the weather.

Kim Wool Short Cloak

Item # MY100450
When preparing for an adventure through a LARP kingdom, be mindful of the cold winds and chilling rains that seek to impede your journey. With its high-low design, the Kim Wool Short Cloak offers warmth without limiting mobility.

Laced Collar Medieval Shirt

Item # FX1073
Fancy shirts and accessories are well and good, but sometimes it is good to get back to the classics. This Laced Collar Medieval Shirt is a traditional medieval shirt, one that serves well in a variety of costumes and situations.

Late Renaissance Shirt

Item # 100342
This sharp looking shirt was a favorite from the Renaissance through the mid-18th century. The fashionable, loose fitting design made for easy concealment to hide a dagger or purse. In swordplay, this shirt allowed freedom of movement.

Leather X Belt

Item # MCI-2206
No matter the setting, whether fantasy or historical, or the title your character holds, there is no role that does not benefit from the addition of the Leather X Belt. Attach a pouch or dagger frog to this belt to up your style.

Long Sleeved Medieval Tunic

Item # FX1123
The tunic is a classic part of any medieval attire, making this piece a great choice. This Long Sleeved Medieval Tunic is as fine an addition to a medieval mans attire as he could ask for, thanks to its subtle touches of detailing.

Medieval Apron

Item # BG-1057
The apron has enjoyed popularity for centuries, both because it protects the body or clothing and because it provides aesthetic pleasure. The Medieval Apron replicates one of the earliest incarnations of this garment in lovely detail.

Medieval Arming Cap

Item # BG-1053
When knights engaged in jousting tournaments or battles, they would put something on under their helmets to keep the metal off their scalps. The Medieval Arming Cap replicates one such piece of headgear in authentic detail.

Medieval Braies

Item # BG-1019
Underwear is nothing new. Even in the Middle Ages, they had something like what men wear today. The Medieval Braies are an essential part of a medieval costume and are great for Renaissance fairs or other medieval reenactments.

Medieval Cucullus Gugel

Item # BG-1045
The Roman cucullus was one of the earliest cowls, and its design carried over into the Middle Ages, as seen in the hoods worn by farmers, priests, and peasants. The Medieval Cucullus Gugel revives this design in beautiful accuracy.