Mens Gothic Footwear

Your favorite gothic outfits should have equally great gothic shoes as their finishing touch. We carry a wide selection of mens gothic footwear perfect for your needs. Our gothic combat boots, skull boots, black leather boots, and gothic dress shoes feature bold details like chains, rivets, large buckles, brass knuckles, decorative bullets, and more. Several of our gothic boots feature a platform for a dramatic look, and others fit all the way up to the knee for max coverage. Suitable for casual wear or formal occasions, these mens gothic shoes come in a range of sizes to ensure a great fit. No matter what kind of gothic fashion you prefer, you can find the right pair of shoes to suit your tastes here.
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Brass Knuckle Chained and Buckled Boots

Item # FW2165
Show off your rough and tumble side with these Brass Knuckle Chained and Buckled Boots! These eye-catching boots feature a comfortable design and a unique, hardcore look that will perfectly showcase your inner, or outer, punk rocker.
$125.00 $112.50

Buckled Cross Laced Mens Gothic Boots

Item # FW2163
The right pair of unique boots can become the finishing touch to a wardrobe. Featuring equal parts of both comfort and style, these Buckled Cross Laced Mens Gothic Boots make a fantastic addition to the closet of any hardcore person.

Classic Combat Boots

Item # FW1047
Nothing says military style quite like a pair of polished black boots! With these Classic Combat Boots in your wardrobe, you will have a pair of combat boots that can complete your ideal hard-edged outfit, to wear whenever you want.

Five Buckle Gothic Tall Boots

Item # FW2049
The Five Buckle Gothic Tall Boots make a great accessory for your Gothic ensemble. These steel toe Gothic boots feature five adjustable straps with steel buckles across the laces and a side zipper closure for ease in wearing.

Frankie Zombie Saddle Shoes

Item # FW1076
With decorative stitching and frayed saddle embellishment, these augmented oxfords will make you the most stylish beast on the block! Wear these Frankie Zombie Saddle Shoes to a Monster Mash, a Ghoulish Gala, or any Swinging Soiree.

Gothic Chain Boots

Item # FW2185
You do not have to sacrifice style to gain a towering form. The Gothic Chain Boots grant you the best of both worlds, merging style with function. These high-soled shoes go great with any Gothic outfit and are sure to add an inch or two.

Gothic Lace Up Button Boots

Item # FW2114
Whether you are dueling in the streets or dining with nobles, you will not find mens footwear better than the Gothic Lace Up Button Boots! These knee high boots display a row of laced silvery buttons running up the sides.

Gothic Medieval Boots

Item # FW2064
The Gothic Medieval Boots are a great addition to your Gothic, Medieval, or Modern wardrobe. These boots offer simple lines that are suitable for all periods. The shaft of the boot angles upward towards the knee.

Mens Buckled Gothic Boots

Item # FW2160
Basic combat boots are great for letting the rest of your outfit be the center of attention, but what about the days when you want your shoes to take center stage? These Mens Buckled Gothic Boots will let your footwear stand out.

Mens Chained Combat Boots

Item # FW2156
The punk rocker lifestyle is anything but boring, so make sure your style reflects that notion with these Mens Chained Combat Boots. Featuring just the right amount of edgy accents, these boots will show your rock and roll soul.

Mens Classic Short Combat Boots

Item # FW2154
Every guy needs a pair of combat boots to wear with just about anything. With these Mens Classic Short Combat Boots, you can incorporate some Gothic style into your wardrobe. These rugged boots look great with casual or formal wear.

Mens Classic Tall Combat Boots

Item # FW2155
Finish off your outfit no matter what era it represents with these Mens Classic Tall Combat Boots! Taller than your average combat boots, these shoes are a must have for elegant Gothic outfits or even your more modern punk looks.