Medieval Tankards

A medieval tankard is a form of drinkware consisting of a large, roughly cylindrical shape that tapers small toward the top with a single handle. Many of our medieval tankards are made of steel, pewter or silver. We have tankards that are minimal and unadorned, but we also have others that are embossed or engraved with symbols or designs of different cultures. We carry gothic tankards, pewter tankards, Celtic tankards, and Viking tankards that are great to take to the Renaissance fair or your next reenactment event. We carry tankard straps so that you can hang your medieval tankard from your belt when not in use. These pewter tankards are functional and very affordable. Other uses for our medieval tankards include weddings, parties, medieval fairs and everyday use. We are sure that you will find the right medieval tankard here.
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Spirit Skull Mug

Item # CC11829
Some people are so dead before their morning coffee, shuffling through the kitchen like zombies. Why not wear that pre-caffeinated rigor mortis like a badge of honor? With the Spirit Skull Mug, you can tell the world: zombie, and proud!

Spirit Wolf Goblet

Item # CC12307
Let your spirit guide choose the wine you drink tonight! the Spirit Wolf Goblet is made of cold cast resin and is painstakingly hand painted to look like polished metal, resulting in a highly detailed, quality drinking cup.

Spirit Wolf Mug

Item # CC12306
Let the spirit wolf from the Spirit Wolf Mug guide you through your day to day activities and get in touch with your wild side! Cold cast from resin, this mug is hand painted, resulting in a highly detailed, quality coffee mug!

Steampunk Dragon Mug

Item # CC11556
Combining the might of dragons with the fascinating aesthetic of gears and clockwork, the Steampunk Dragon Mug is covered with incredibly intricate details, highlighted by hand painted metallic colors, and made of cold cast resin.

Steampunk Skull Mug

Item # CC12513
Building automatons all day is hard work. You are going to need your coffee. The Steampunk Skull Mug is here to make sure that you do not accidentally pour your cup of joe into one of your other creations cranial cavities.

Steel Insert Skull and Bones Mug

Item # 05-44064
Warn off anyone from trying to approach you before your morning coffee by enjoying your favorite brew in this decorative coffee mug! The Steel Insert Skull and Bones Mug displays a large grinning skull on the side of the gothic cup.

Sword Legends Tankard

Item # CC12900
The swords of noble knights and wicked warriors alike forge their own story in the end. Intricately detailed and painted by hand, the Sword Legends Tankard depicts the blades and hilts of these battle-weathered weapons on its side.

Templar Horn Tankard

Item # HW-700983
A knighted soldier on crusade needs to bring their own drinking vessel. The Templar Horn Tankard is an awesome cup for a knight or medieval warrior. Bring this historical tankard to a LARP event, cosplay convention, or banquet.

Thor Tankard

Item # CC12794
Bring the might of Thor into all that you do when you sip your favorite drink from the Thor Tankard. This hand painted Viking tankard features the Norse god of thunder on its sides, shown wearing a winged helm and a stern expression.

Thunderhammer Tankard

Item # AG-CWT59
According to the stories, the only thing that Vikings liked to do as much as fighting was drinking after a good fight. Drink a frothy pint with the enthusiasm of a thirsty Viking after a battle with the Thunderhammer Tankard!

Tir Na Nog Cross Tankard

Item # CG5123
More than a dash of Celtic styling infuses this tankard, just like more than just words make up its name. This Tir Na Nog Cross Tankard is a medieval tankard gone Celtic, making it a true work of art to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Tribal Skull Mug

Item # CC11452
Born with the heart of an explorer, a thirst for adventure has led to many amazing places and experiences. Remember those epic moments and share them with a friend, while drinking your favorite beverage from the Tribal Skull Mug.