Medieval Tankards

A medieval tankard is a form of drinkware consisting of a large, roughly cylindrical shape that tapers small toward the top with a single handle. Many of our medieval tankards are made of steel, pewter or silver. We have tankards that are minimal and unadorned, but we also have others that are embossed or engraved with symbols or designs of different cultures. We carry gothic tankards, pewter tankards, Celtic tankards, and Viking tankards that are great to take to the Renaissance fair or your next reenactment event. We carry tankard straps so that you can hang your medieval tankard from your belt when not in use. These pewter tankards are functional and very affordable. Other uses for our medieval tankards include weddings, parties, medieval fairs and everyday use. We are sure that you will find the right medieval tankard here.
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Sailors Pewter Tankard with Rope Handle

Item # CG5443
Our Sailors Pewter Tankard with Rope Handle has a classic shape to it with a brightly polished finish. The sculpted rope handle makes this tankard very appropriate for any Pirate or Seafarer. A glass base is standard on this tankard.

Scottish Piper Pewter Tankard

Item # CG5491
The rampant lion is the proud handle of this brightly polished pewter tankard with glass base. The body of the Scottish Piper Pewter Tankard is adorned with an eye-catching stamped Scottish bagpiper motif.

Shamrock Tankard

Item # CG5475
Tankards were once the vessel of choice when it came to enjoying a beverage, and even today, they remain a popular choice. This Shamrock Tankard is a perfect match for those who want something Celtic to enjoy their beverage from.

Silver Dragon Tankard

Item # AG-AAT10
This beautiful pewter Silver Dragon Tankard has a sateen finish with a heavy multicasting. Displaying a breathtakingly sculpted dragon in full flight, this tankard evokes a fantasy feel for those who grab its handle and take a drink.

Silver Roaring Dragon Head Coffee Mug

Item # 05-71624
Snarling from the side of your morning cup of joe, this dragon cup offers a fantasy twist to your routine. The Silver Roaring Dragon Head Coffee Mug is a unique piece of drinkware for enjoying your favorite beverage.

Simple Medieval Tankard

Item # CG8916
This Medieval tankard is simple in design. The Simple Medieval Tankard could be used by any social class from Peasant to Noble. It features a stainless steel base with a satin finish body. This item is ideal for engraving.

Skeleton Dragon Tankard

Item # CC11456
With a final roar, the beast falls at your feet. The deed is finished, and evil vanquished. Now is the time to enjoy a repast. Relish the taste of your finest ale with the Skeleton Dragon Tankard to remind you of your conquest.

Skull & Crossbones Tankard with Leather Wrap

Item # DK1066
The traditional Jolly Roger flag was flown by several pirate captains, including Black Sam Bellamy, known as the Prince of Pirates. This Skull & Crossbones Tankard with Leather Wrap displays the dreaded symbol engraved on leather.

Skull Knight Tankard

Item # 060-2651
No one will dare disturb you before you have had your morning coffee when you drink it from this gothic mug! The Skull Knight Tankard displays a bold design showing off the leering face of a skull beneath an ornate medieval helmet.

Skull Ossuary Mug

Item # CC12309
Skulls make everything more hardcore. Why not make your morning that much more hardcore with the Skull Ossuary Mug? Its handle is shaped like a row of skulls, and its body displays a multitude of human skulls lined by vertebrae.

Skull Warrior Mug

Item # CC12308
Drink from the skull of your enemy with the Skull Warrior Mug. Cold cast from resin, this coffee mug is painstakingly hand painted, resulting in a quality mug that will make your enemies tremble at the sound of your name.

Small Horn Tankard

Item # HW-700722
For your next Viking dinner or medieval feast, sip your drink from the Small Horn Tankard. This horn drinking cup adds a historical touch to any dining experience. The natural horn material gives this tankard its unique, curved shape.