Medieval Rings

Medieval and Renaissance rings are well known for having large stones and being very elaborate. We strive to find the most unique designs for those who love this type of jewelry. We are always adding new styles, so check back regularly. Our medieval rings are suitable for men and women, and they are available in a variety of sizes. We have a variety of styles, from the simplest designs to the most elaborate. These historical rings also make very nice gifts.
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Amor Vincet Omnia (Love Conquers All) Ring

Item # SW-104S
Amor Vincet Omnia means Love Conquers All, which makes a great promise ring to your loved one. Our Amor Vincet Omnia Ring is handcrafted in Sterling Silver. The Amor Vincet Omnia ring comes in sizes 5-12.
$99.00 $89.10

Antique Silver Heart Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0647
Simple romance inspires the design of the Antique Silver Heart Cuff Ring. Elegant, understated, and easy to wear, this adjustable open cuff ring features a unique scrollwork heart adorning its curved, antique finished surface.

Antique Silver Swirl Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0646
Artistic curves and circling swirls decorate surface of the Antique Silver Swirl Cuff Ring. With its antique finish, this silver cuff ring is a statement-making modern jewelry piece with a touch of rustic and fantasy-inspired charm.

Antique Silver Twists Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0649
Artistically designed for an appearance reminiscent of ancient and fantasy worlds, the Antique Silver Twists Cuff Ring is a statement-making accessory textured with twists, waves, and braids upon its curved, open back structure.

Antique Silver Waves Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0650
Taking a whimsical approach to ancient style, the Antique Silver Waves Cuff Ring is a statement accessory that suits modern, fantasy, and formal occasions. Its open cuff style lends gentle adjustability to its versatile design.

Antique Silver Zigzag Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0648
Artisan style with a twist, the Antique Silver Zigzag Cuff Ring is a versatile accessory detailed with playfully alternating wavy and straight lines. This antiqued silver statement ring brings inspired artistry to everyday style.

Black Onyx Marcasite Ring

Item # WH-S02571
Dramatic and sophisticated, the Black Onyx Marcasite Ring offers a unique and stunning piece to add to your look. This sterling silver ring features a large, oval onyx stone surrounded by small marcasite elements.

Braided Dark Agate Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0502
Showing off a smooth agate stone as its central feature, the Braided Dark Agate Cuff Ring serves as a stunning example of a mixed metal ring. This unique piece adds fantastic style to your appearance with its dramatic look.

Brass and Copper Dark Agate Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0501
When you need an eye-catching accent for your outfit, check out the gorgeous design of this mixed metal ring! The Brass and Copper Dark Agate Cuff Ring shows off a smooth oval agate stone in the center of its band.

Brass and Copper Midnight Agate Cuff Ring

Item # AJ-0499
With all the beauty of the night sky, this gorgeous mixed metal ring shows off smooth agate set into the design. The Brass and Copper Midnight Agate Cuff Ring features intricate details along the sides of the adjustable cuff design.

Celtic Fleur De Lis Ring

Item # PS-TRI203
The Fleur De Lis is a stylized lily or iris, historically representing royalty and generally associated with the French monarchy, though it is also used for other purposes. This extraordinary creation is a marvel of detail.

Classic Onyx Scrollwork Ring

Item # WH-S03708
Elegant and sophisticated, the design of the Classic Onyx Scrollwork Ring brings together the beauty of precious stones and traditional motifs to create a stunning accessory perfect for outfits ranging from medieval to modern.